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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Texas Blue Bonnets April

All these blue bonnets right next door at neighbor Johns house.  He really takes care of his lawn, and is very particular with everything, but I was able to sneak this picture.

Later in the week when spence was home i suddenly got the urge to go take family pictures down the street in a really nice blue bonnet field.  these state flowers are beautiful and only bloom for a couple weeks before it gets too hot and everything wilts. 

Can't believe these beautiful girls are all ours. 

the girls did a great job of taking pictures, and really enjoyed the flowers.  it was a little buddy but these pictures are so beautiful and i'm so glad after 3 years of being in texas we finally took family pictures and enjoyed the blue bonnet back ground.  Spencer was our photographer and then we used a self timer for our family pic.  we couldn't justify paying someone $100 to take pic for us. 

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