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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Grandma Great Aug birthday!!

This past summer we celebrated my grandma's 87 birthday!!
Grandma Great, or Grandma LaRae, or simply just Grandma
is amazing and is still bowling, golfing, playing bridge with her club friends that she has known since high school.
 It was really special to be there to celebrate with her!
its not that often that you can experience 4 generations of love and family!

 And to celebrate her birthday
we donated a park pench in my grandparents name to rock canyon park in Provo, UT

 we took a lot of pictures and had a great time catching up with cousins we hadn't seen in years.

 happy birthday grandma!
we love you!

Friday, November 14, 2014


took the girls to the pumpkin patch! 

some spooky pumpkins!

some might say we are cheap, i think we are smart, the girls were Ariel again.  I think I was a dutch girl for halloween my whole life. (by the way mom what is a dutch girl?)
isn't Sebastian and prince eric to die for!

and like always we church hopped this is the Emmanuel baptist fall festival
spence was either gone or on call every weekend in Oct so we didn't do a halloween party this year...which was sad.  Darn residency, always getting in the way of our plans.
here is one of the girls best friends. Jayden.  they love her!
and for the 'real' halloween we had some last minute costume changes.  Elsa and Boots the cowgirl. (quincy said pappy wanted her to be a cowgirl instead)  the girls always talk about pappy!
we went to a friends house to trick or treat and the girls were running house to house.  and by the end of the night they were exhausted and kicked CeCe out of the stroller for a ride home!  We had a great time!  after trick or treating we kept a handful or two of the good candy and then the girls handed out candy at our house.  they loved giving the candy away and i loved that we didn't have bags full of candy.  we will definitely do that again next year. 

flat stanley

We are so lucky! we had two grandma's come visit us in october! grandma great and then grams!
we took them everywhere!  we also took flat stanley everywhere!  have you heard of flat stanley?  we hadn't until our cousin Cy sent us him and told us to take him on every adventure we went on!


the grandma's took us boot shopping...and the girls picked out new boots!  if you are ever in texas you need to get a pair of boots! and cavanders is the best place to do it!
and a picture with a real cowboy!

also football was started in texas! ok maybe not but this is the high school stadium, friday night lights is not just a show here, its a religion.  we go to this track and run, the girls love running on the field and running up the bleachers!

you need to rope a cow!
and go to the zoo! 

we couldn't get a dog or a cat so we got chickens

Ever since seeing tyler and ashley (spencer's brother and SIL) have chickens i thought we need to do that!  so one day i got the urge to do something with the girls...we decided to build a chicken coop.  that's right me and my girls built a chicken coop.  chickens are the best pets!  there is no entertainment needed, feed them once a day and leave out water and you are set.  they are quite, and we can be gone all day and its not a problem.  and hopefully one day we will be eating fresh eggs!
so here are our GRITS, girls raised in the south!
tenley and quincy are so beautiful! they are great hard workers and had a great time building with their mama!  we are building a coop for the chickens but also building memories together! i built all sorts of crazy stuff with my dad! and now i can build things with them.  so lucky to be a mom of these girls.  they are handful but if they weren't a handful then they wouldn't be kids!
the chickens are growing big now! and happen to be escape artist and one day flew the coop!  i decided to add on to their coop and left a smal 10in by 10in whole in the roof and they some how figured out how to fly through it.  they love to run wild in the back yard, and i love watching the girls chase them.  they always make their way back to the coop when it is dusk, its perfect.
thanks spence, since we couldn't get a dog or a cat, we got chickens.


after a huge debate with myself, i finally decided it would be an ok and maybe even a good thing for the girls to go to preschool.
so every tues and thurs the girls head out the door to school
best of friends and best of sisters!
they love their little school, and i miss being their "teacher" so we still do our own school at home.  the girls are thrilled to go see their friends and teachers at school.  it kills me that the girls are growing up, but its the cycle of life, so i'm trying to enjoy every moment we have, because one day they won't need me like they need me now. 
 it is also really nice to have just one baby at home.  for the first time as a mom i know what its like to have one baby, it might just be three hours but it is so special for CeCe and i to have time together.

Friday, September 26, 2014


look at that smile, full of joy and curiosity

she rarely gets a minute toherself...and i think she can't wait to be one of the big girls, she follows them all over the house!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

cece growing up!

so i'm more than behind on how fast CeCe has been growing up!
she's been rolling over since 2 1/2 months so its no surprise that she started crawling at 5months!

she was army crawling for a couple days, and then pappy decided she need a little help.
and with one 5 minute session on the floor with pappy she had it,
and hasn't stopped moving since. 

this little lady has brought so much joy and happiness into our lives.  its hard to imagine our life before her.
having a sweet little baby around is amazing and so fun, its hard work sometimes, but it is really nice to have a baby around again.
i mean look at that smile!