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Thursday, March 26, 2009

NYC and DC

Last weekend My wonderful MoM and 3 (count em 3) sisters met up with my brother in NYC for the weekend! we had an absolute blast!!
Jason sure does now how to take the girls out on the town, THaNks again Jas you rock!
Top things about our trip: Going to bed at 2:30am only to wake up at 4:30am! WICKED!!...!! Yes it really is that good!! Street meat...or no street meat, Kristie always having an action plan, Manda being the first to enter and last to leave at everything, eating all kinds of sugary sweets, walking, walking and walking, did i mention walking. My feet have never been so sore, not even after a marathon. Clogging the arteries of NY streets with us all walking in a unified row, MUSEUMS/ART/WILD NYERS/CENTURY 21!! laughing about everything and everyone, Kristie falling everytime the subway stopped & started, thinking about Spencer everywhere we went, sharing a bed with my mom like the good 'ole days, seeing Jason and Normans apartment and living in their shoes for only 3days.
Being with my i miss them!

Friday, March 13, 2009

This is a very good clip regarding Mormons and Temples, I wanted to share it, especially for members and non-members alike that our curious about temples, Mormons, and more.
Just click on the link and it will send you directly to it..(I'm still trying to figure out all the sneaky tricks with blogging and how to upload videos)
It is also on the LDS church website &
Let me know what you think??? I loved it!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


That's what I look like when I try to get of a pool too!

A night out on the town!

Spence was the best trip planner in the world! He had printed of prefect directions so we wouldn't get lost, & planned every day so we could make sure we didn't miss a beat!
He also tired to surprise me with tickets to GREASE! I found out the secret pretty fast because Spence couldn't stop singing "Grease Lightning" It was his first time to a broadway theatre and we loved it! He even bought me a bag of skittels for $4!

We also made it to the San Diego Temple. This a beautiful Temple I couldn't stop staring at it, every line led your eyes upward to Heaven, it was beautiful.
(The LDS church as built temples all around the world for member to come and do sacred ordinances, its a place of worship and a place of refuge for the soul)
It was wonderful to be able to go to the temple, I also felt so fulfilled because my Dad was an avid temple attendee (he went at least once a day) It still breaks my heart that I am not with him to help relief any of his pain, and all the loss he feels. But it did feel good to be able to go to the temple because that is the one thing I know I can do for him.

trip to cali & the beach

Spence was driving so fast I didn't have enough time to snap the state picture before it flew by! you think He was running from the boarder patrol. (seriously we got stopped a total of 5 times I was glad to see that are boarders are being protected...but got nervouse everytime
...especially because Spence talked like Nacho Libre and pretended he was Mexican. but we made it there and back safe)

Spence got a break from school, he finished his 2nd Quarter of Med School which was a really tough quarter, so i'm glad he made it through. To reward us we drove to San Diego about 5hrs. Spence was so excited to get away from the books that he planned a wonderful getaway for us.
The Beach was beautiful! Spence is debating whether to jump in the freezing cold water!

I flat out told him, if a shark comes to eat you I won't be able to save you...that's when he decided he'd be safer on land....not really he has no fear...except for really cold water.
Some more pictures of the beach...It was freezing! I have gotten used to the
hot weather of AZ