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Friday, October 30, 2009

somebody had...

A birthday!!

thats right please note the beautiful cake, hand made by yours truly!!

(and ps this was taken really early in the am, after long hours of studyin' hince the rockin hair)

i had been buggin' spence for weeks on what he wanted for his birthday and he couldn't think of a darn thing, in his words he said, "can i just not cash in on my birthdaynow and save it for when something i really want come up" i said no way use it or lose it babe! he he:)

but a couples weeks ago he had been looking for a tail hitch for our car and really wanted a BYU cover. Its kinda funny and it was more expensive to actually ship it than to buy it (i probably shouldn't mention that but oh well)

here she is, nice huh. so lets all take a bet and see how long it will take before the hitch gets stolen or ruined...:) spence was so excited he ran right outside and hooked it on!

Happy Birthday Babe!

later we went to a steak house and had some good grub, i forgot the camera of course:)

and then JJ and Annie came over with the best birthday gift ever, hate to say it but it totally surpassed my gift. thanks guys:)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Our friends planned this amazing Halloween party, it was super fun and everyone really got into it, costumes and all. As most of you know Spence has a thing with always wins!
and he did take first place in the costume contest!
And since no money finding a costume thats free is hard to find. So spence remembered this funny costume...
1987 world jump ropping champion! And i'm his coach stop watch, whistle and all! and let me tell ya that boy can jump!

Of course Alyssa & Michael stole the show with "king kong"
And surprisingly the little ones weren't too scared of the big gorilla in the room!

Robin and Lincoln the cowboy!

James & Jaime rockin it 80's style! they both looked really good!
I missed taking picturs of a lot of people but we also had; batman, catwomen, the scarecrow, cowboys and cowgirls, a viking and witches and harry potters friend, and more! it was a blast!
i love halloween!