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Monday, September 19, 2011

newly weds...again..

i flew to chicago for a quick 38hr trip to see spence  (i don't do well flying, it takes the little sanity i have to some how not jump from the plane or throw up...
next time i am self medicating) 
 but besides the flight the trip was amazing and so fun to run all over town 
kid free like we were newly weds. 
 us outside the chicago art museum....we hitched a ride on a double decker bus and cruised around town just like all the other tourist!!

 hot cocoa in september...we are definitely not in arizona anymore.

we had a blast.  thanks to grandma and pappy who watched the ever so wild twinners. 
of course i made spence eat some true chicago deep dish pizza...twice. we also tried one of oprah's favorite things...popcorn from (click the link to see more) garrretts chicago style.  and even though it was the quickest trip in history we still saw all of chicago, caught a movie, went bowling, ate a lot, slept in, ate some more, saw the new superman movie being filmed, and laughed like nobody's business.  best weekend evveeer!

Friday, September 16, 2011

fun fun fun!

 when spence was in town last weekend payson was having a good ole fashion carnival, so we took the girls down hoping for a good time.  i really wanted to go for the cotton candy but it was $4 a bag so we had to pass.... the girls were to small to do any of the rides but they were highly entertained with all the lights, sounds, and people running around.  small towns really do know how to party.
 and owen, and ladd showed us such a good time at thanksgiving point we had to go back!!
 the girls really love all the animals...and so far the animals love them too!
 here is a good picture of little ms q taking charge, she grabbed her leash and headed to see more goats.  
she is so funny.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

legends of running

my amazing brother-in-law Paul Rosser
has been selected as 
st. george marathons #7
 in their legends of 35yrs of running series.  
go here to read more!!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

guess who's here

poor tenley never gets to have any fun with her little sister always crowdin her space
ms q has got enough hair for all of this look
we have been doing a lot of reading at our house.  books are so fun, whenever we drive anywhere tenley has to have a book in her hands and she reads it the whole way!!! 
she is a mini-me of her dad, nerd and all
and finally at 16mon we like signing time!! they will sit there for 20mins jaw dropped and all!!!
and the best part of our week was spence came home!! 
i was going crazy by myself so it was so nice having him and his new fun energy around.  originally i was going to fly out to detroit for a quick 2day visit, but he was able to sneak away for a whole week!!
we had a great time.  thanksgiving point, the splash pad, animals, lots of walks, wrestling, shopping, and more.  unfortunately my camera won't upload so these are all the pics i have for now!
oh how i love this boy!!!