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Thursday, June 30, 2011

elk ridge days!!!

 elk ridge had some wonderful festives' last weekend and i think all 2000 people that live there came out to cheer for the parade.  the parade was so fun, decorate your bike, scooter, wagon you name it, and then we all walked  down the main street and people threw candy at us, it was so fun. tenley loved all the people waving and yelling at her!  we had a blast and all the kids did a great job decorating.  

 jo-jo let us barrow this wagon and the girls loved it.  it was a super hot day, little q's hair was drenched in sweat.
 thankfully at the end of the parade there were popcicles!!
 waiting to start!!

 later that night, spence hit some golf balls into the field and then the kids went hunting for golf balls!! when you are little everything is an adventure!  the kids explore all day in the pappys back yard, aka the mountain.  it is so fun to see them from the deck out exploring.
 sleepin on the deck!
 saturday morning they had a fireman's breakfast...we made all the kids walk/run the 1/2mile to breakfast and walk back home....are we mean....we just wanted them to get some energy out and be real hungry for breakfast??!! 
earlier that morning jo, kris and i set out for a run, we ran 3 1/2miles down the mt and then started making our way back up.  i couldn't stay with kris and jo they are super fast....which ended up being a good thing cause they got lost and run a road that ended up being a dead end and ran 8miles while i just ran 7.:) never been glad to be the slow girl, but that morning i was, a whole mile up hill for nothing is not my thing.
 eatin breakfast at the fire station, spence had to work so pappy and grandma subbed in to help! --i still don't know what i did without them for so long.
 after breakfast it was carnival time!!! and the only thing free were the balloons
yum cotton candy. tenley might look like her dad but she has my sweet tooth.  
q didn't want anything to do with the sticky stuff!

thanks mom and paps for a great weekend.  we missed the browns (josh was biking from slc to las vegas) but next year for sure!!

Friday, June 17, 2011

new things.

 wanted to post some fun remind me that we are having fun, and these babies couldn't be cuter!...some days are long, and some times i get a little down that i can't keep everyone happy....especially now that the twins are getting bigger, they are trying to get into everything and climb up everything.  not such a big deal, but it seems that once i take my eye off one of them, to go rescue and save the other, that its inevitable something crazy happens.  and then i have two upset babies....and i get a little overwhelmed. but i'll take this stage over the newborn not sleeping stage:)

needless to say i have a coldsore the size of montana due to the stress of being a mom, adding 2more kids to my plate, trying to apply for insurance, trying to sell our house in az(hopefully closing on the 24th double crossy, triple stampy it goes through), and trying to keep it all together without spence....but we all have junk, and somehow we all deal with it. i just feel really lucky to have 2 little girls and a husband that love me, and most days that does make everything all better.
 spence having a good time up in elk ridge country.
 we found the dress up box and the girls that it was fun
 this is tenley's room.
that is as far as the door opens, and yes, thats a toilet as well.  good thing she is too little to realize that she is stuck literally in the bathroom.
 two naked couldn't be better!!
 princess tenley.  her face says it all!
both girls have figure out how to climb up on the couch...not a big deal, but with 2babies they push each other off, bounce each other off, and climb off the wrong way...i think i have had about 5heart attacks just this week with babies climbing on things and falling off or diving off in quincy's case.  
they have also decided it funner to eat off of the other twins funny to watch them snag each others food, even though they have the same exact thing right in front of them.  they also like feeding each other...until a finger accidently gets in the way.:)  oh life with twins.

***but the biggest thing this week, is the bottle is gone!!***
ah i don't know what i was thinking, i see 4yr olds suckin on bottles, but i figured it was time.  the babes only got bottles at nap and bed time, but my sweet little babies did enjoy their bottles especially tenley.  we had 4 rough nights, and tenley now hates going to her bathroom/bedroom, but hopefully they will thank me later because they will have beautiful teeth and mouths!--
i did have to take heather and jo's and spencer's advice and through the nipples away and not listen to the monitor, i seriously almost caved every night.  good thing for those moms that have been there done that!!
--i'm so worried for church on sunday, because when they would get super fussy i would just shove a bottle in their we'll see how it goes.

to the med. school gals. SLC VA is busy!! spence has been getting up at 5:30am and getting home at 8pm with no lunch breaks...who said 4th year was a breeze??!!!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

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Twete Bird

heather has made just about every variety that you can imagine, and she will even do special orders for you too!! soccer teams, volleyball gals, running bffs etc.  you may have seen her bands around town as she sales them at running stores like, 26.2.  she also is at a lot of race expos so look for her and tell her carly sent you and she will hook you up.  on her website she even gives out promotional codes so you can get a deal!! so head on over to her website and say good-bye to bad hair days!!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

we moved!!

 q is mad about the move....or the dress. this was our last sunday in az. i can't believe its been over a month since we moved. it has been a whirl-wind of craziness since we packed up.
spence's parents came and helped moved us. thanks to all the friends that helped load up all our junk.
 can you believe all our stuff fits in a 14x6 trailer!! spence and i did sale pretty much everything we owned...but i still feel like we have so much junk. but i think by next year we will be expert movers!!!
 grandma and grandpa mortensen were so helpful. i know i would have never made the 10hr drive with both babies by myself. grandma debbie did a great job of entertaining since neither baby slept more than 30min the whole drive.
 i stayed the month in may at my parents new home in elk ridge. it was fun, but literally on the top of the mountain which makes for running with a double stroller pretty  much incapable.  
this is the dog 'fritz' and he helps us clean up after every meal.
pappy has been really helpful and the girls love wrestling with him, and watching him work...he is always working on something...the man never rests.:) 
 spence spent the month in greeley, colorado doing a rotation. he had fun and learned a lot. we really missed him while he was away....both girls started walking, and now we just need to figure out how to go down stairs....
 meet quincy's future husband, ladd.  heather came over for a visit and quincy, tenley and ladd had a blast. none of them even skipped a beat! --ladd was teaching them all sorts of new tricks...he is such a climber!

 new dress from grandma m. and church with our papa, first time in 5wks! we look a mess, and i seriously feel like i am a walking circus where every i go, because i have to pack up the whole house and then some just for an afternoon adventure...yes it really is double the fun, double the stuff, double the work:)
 good-bye papa! see ya in a month!
 now that ms t is walking she won't hold still, and she knows how to cheese it!!
 the petting zoo.
i'm going to start blogging more, it's been a month since we moved (and moved again, i just  moved into my sisters house to help her with her kids for the summer) and i think i finally have figured things out....well kinda until next month, when i'll move again.
this month spence is at the VA hospital in SLC. he has been there one day and they are already working him to the bone. 6:30a-to who knows when, and no lunch break to call and chat...which bums me out.
we are doing good, and adjusting to the colder weather. i have so much i need to post/update but there seems to be no time these days.
ps. miss all you arizonians!! thanks again for all your help, friendship, and keeping me sain.