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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

grandma pink and amanda's visit

grandma pink came to rescue us and we had a great visit. she got the baby sleeping better.
to bad once she left the baby stopped sleeping.
it was great to have grandma pink here, especially as spence was gone to Utah at a podiatry conference, there is no way i'm ready for 3 kids all by myself for a week. 
chubby checks 
amanda aka the baby whisper came to town to help as well.
amanda was super helpful, and super fun to be around. it is always great to be around someone that makes you laugh non stop. 

 all the girls together!!
we had a big list of things to do while amanda was in town...but of course somehow we didn't get anything done except  feeding, sleeping, and cleaning children.
amanda was a great help as little ms CeCe is battling colic and reflux.
we saw our pediatrician and have started some new meds and things are starting to calm down.
 amanda was great and took a lot of pictures!! thank goodness because i have been horrible at taking pictures.

 amanda and grandma were able to see the girls in action at their gymnastics class. the girls love it!!

 we also took the plunge and got a TRIPLE stroller...that's right a triple stroller.
with spence leaving in the morning around 5:30 and not getting home til after dinner, i figure the only time i'll have to walk/run is with all the girls!
tessa, leah and kassie...can you believe it a triple!

unfortunately spence has slept many nights like this.
baby and him on the couch. sometimes that's the only way we can get her to sleep and we are all so desperate for sleep lately that he gets stuck on the couch.
princess eating lunch!!

all the crazy girls!!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

photo shoot

we tried a little home photo shoot. 
this is CeCe 1 wk old.
obviously we aren't professionals because these are all that turned out!

mortensen visit

grandma and grandpa mortensen came to visit and help with the new baby.
grandma also did beauty parlor while she was here! the girls loved it. 

and wrestling with grandpa!

CeCe is super cute! she is also super colicy so it has mad life a little harder than what we were hoping for.  thankfully she is so cute!
the girls cheered for the bronco's during the super bowl. they were super cute and cheered really well despite the disappointing outcome.

for the super bowl spence made some ribs...the girls are now obsessed with ribs!
we had a great time with mortensen's. unfortunately i didn't take any pictures of the grandparents holding the baby! oops.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

jo jo's visit

 JoJo and Taylor came to visit us last week...and rescue us from our sleep deprived
 new life with baby CeCe.
Mama Taylor took great care of the baby, and let us know that when she grows up she wants 12kids!!

 Taylor watched over the baby and the twins so well!

 Elsa and Ahna from 'frozen' came to visit and froze texas!!
it actually snowed while the chrisman's were in town!
i don't know why it is that every time someone comes to visit they bring the cold with them!
the girls were super excited to see snow! 

some stretching before dancing!

we had a great time with JoJo and Taylor.
 everyone is a little tired....and a little crazy!

i was so grateful for some back up and some well needed rest. and the girls were grateful for the excitement and distraction taylor provided.  we have been so overwhelmed adjusting to our new life with a new baby that we haven't taken much time to take any pictures.  and i think the only time i have left the house has been for dr appt's.  Each day that goes by i start feeling better and the baby seems to do better as well.  eventually we will be in a good routine....hopefully. 

Sunday, February 2, 2014

first bath

proud big sister!

and someone being super silly wearing the babies clothes! oops!
daddy and his little helper's!
it was time for cece's first bath and the girl's couldn't wait to help!
when the twins were first born i felt like i would break them because they were so small, i was terrified to bath them.  thank goodness spencer is an amazing dad and bathed the twins with no problem at all.  so to keep the tradition going spence bathed cece as well.