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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

softball tourney

 the other weekend spence played in the 
annual resident (incompetence in the infield) vs the attendings (Alzheimer) softball tournament. 
the girls and i went to cheer him on and we had a great time!
 Q wanted to be out there playing with her dad, but soon got side tracked because she could run up and down the fence line all day.
 tenley and i have a little picnic between cheers.
 high fives through the fence
 running fast!

we had a great time, even though we sat too close to some fire ants and as much as i told the girls don't to stand by the ant pile, both girls left with several ant bites!  texas has the worst ants!

Monday, October 29, 2012

play time

 tenley cracks me up.
she has started to become the worldest youngest BAG lady.  everyday she grabs a purse or a walmart grocery bag and loads it up with all sorts of stuff.  today when her bag got to heavy she loaded up her cart and continued to load things up around the house.
you know you are really poor when your kids are bag ladies!

 last week our town was hosted a GOO party. so we put on some old close and headed downtown.
to our surprise there was only one other kid there!
but we had a great time digging through pudding to find worms.
this tenley's favorite part.  every time she talked to someone especially grandma she would say that she played with worms, i had to quickly inform everyone that it was just gummy worms.
 they searched through noodles for spiders!

 and digged through green goo to find rats! 
it was fun and a great way to get into the halloween spirit!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

pumpkin patch

 the other day i was going through and trying to organize hair stuff, and the girls thought it was crazy bow day.  they both thought it was super funny to wear these bows all day.  and of course tenley had not one but three on her head.

 i wanted to get a picture of her full outfit...high heals, purse, and 3 bows.  she loves her high heals from amanda and always has at least one purse on her arm.  she is hilarious!!  
and of course she is signing 'again', both girls are super smart and i know its because of signing.
 pumpkin patch 
i was super excited to head out and pick a pumpkin with the girls, and do hay rides, corn mazes, and all things fall.  to bad it was still 85degrees outside.
 the girls had a great time exploring!

 the girls did a pony ride. Q was so excited and could have rode all day.  
they loved the pony rides at thanksgiving point so i thought they would have a great time.

 Tenley had fun for about 5 sec and then panicked and wanted to get off.  poor thing. 

 although Q didn't wear her boots, she is a cowgirl at heart.
we had a great time at the pumpkin patch.  it is really fun now that the girls are getting a little bigger that we can do all sorts of fun activities!

obviously i'm more excited for the hay ride than she is!

Friday, October 12, 2012

bye bye south carolina

 i love this picture, if anyone knows my sister amanda this is who she is. happy, excited, loud and fun.  we had such a great time with her, we pretty much moved in since we were there for 2 1/2wks.  we did so much everyday, swimming, goingn to the YMCA, the park, coloring with paint, and playing with her twins.  thanks for letting us move in, i think we will have to make it an annual trip!

 the girls had their first experiment with paint. they loved it of course.
 2 twin B's, blued of course.
 tenley really had a great time at the park, each day we found something new!

 who know that both amanda and i would have twins! so glad she had them first so she could teach me the ropes.  can't believe that her girls are almost 6 and our girls are 2 1/2.  where does the time go.
 and of course, amanda never fails to give and give and give us hand-me-downs.
i left texas with one suitcase and came home with 3, weighing a total of 140bs!
thanks roo for all the great stuff, now santa will be able to pay a visit to us!
 tenley doing her favorite thing.
reading some of the new books amanda sent home with us.  but i literally kept a whole box for christmas!  we are so lucky to have hand-me-downs, i seriously don't know how people afford to clothe their kids.

 we had a great time making sugar cookies.  the girls were really helpful! they wanted to keep adding eggs, because they liked to see them crack and open up.
and of course they are just like their mama and have to eat most of the dough before its cooked.
absolutely love these girls!!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

aunt JESSI!

 saturday we got a great well needed visit from our aunt jessi!
jess is my oldest friend in the world and we only get to see each other about every 2years as she has been living in west virginia for over 8 years!! she is so much fun and hoped in her car at 5am and drove the 6hr drive down so we could hang out for just 24hrs before she had to go back.
love love lover her!

 so we took her to the park and laughed our heads off at the kids going down the super fast slide!

 and tried to take as many pictures as possible to prove that she really did come see us!
 popsicles of course!
 and then we took her to the zoo, because we know she loves animals and wanted to show her all the fun we had! the penguins were amazing, and kept swimming around and coming right up to the window!
 the gorilla was sleeping with his feet up and tenley literally tickeled his toes from the inside.
then all of a sudden in one swift move he sat up and just stared as us all!  scared the pee out of tenley!

 becca and manda stayed home sick with strep throat, we missed em but still had fun.

 m-ba-g-ba asked to take a picture by this silly giraffe!
 the kids loved the huge tank and watched for minutes upon minutes all the fish, and sharks swimming by.
and sometimes the zoo comes to your front yard.  this little black stray cat got a lot of love on saturday!!
thanks for coming to visit jess! you are the greatest friend and aunt in the world!  can't wait to see you in texas in a couple months!!