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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Just thought I'd show some luv for the newest Mortensen in the fam. Good job Ty and Ash, he's a good looking kid w/ a small resemblance of his uncle, wouldn't ya say? The world could use a couple more of those. Unfortunately w/ the demands of school, we haven't been able to spend as much time w/ him as we'd like to, but wishing we could. Here's to you Crew.

Friday, April 24, 2009

we've got....

a virus!!
Spence and I both know we happen to have a huge fan base and wanted to take the time to say that our laptop is out of commission. (i'm posting this from the lovely library at mid-western) which means the email reading and the blog stocking has come to a hault for now. Occationally I'll stop by mid-western to surf the web and get updates on everyones lives but if you are wondering where spence and i are???
we're out sick for the until further notice.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

nights o' fun

Last week Spencer and I took his mom (who is in town for Ty & Ash's new baby) to the Mesa Easter Pageant! It couldn't have been better good entertainment, enlightenment and of course deep fried, heart attach in an instead KFC chicken!
GRACE jumping or as she calls it "bumpin" She is pretty daring and will jump from
anywhere the higher the better!!
Now she is dancing with uncle "Heffer" (aka Spencer) She has really good moves and knows how to flow with all types of music!!
She is even too cute when she pouts!!!
Thanks Ty & Ash & momma Mort for a fun night filled with hilarious Gracie entertainment!!!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Pappy's in town!!

YEAH! the miracle man came to Veags and then hopped in the car with me and drove to phoenix to stay with spence and I for awhile! What a treat and what a surprise! Dad looks so good, it was a shock to see him especially because the last time I say him he wasn't doing too good, he couldn't walk, sit/stand or do much my himself. He has worked really hard to be recovering so well. And I know if it wasn't for his determination, hard work and will to get better Dad wouldn't be doing well at all. I have to say thanks to him for being a fighter and thanks to the Dr's and my amazing family that are helping him recover.
A family portrait with all the wonderful food Dad has prepared!
Dad helped my finish my ceiling/light project which I was so grateful for because he is an expert and a professional so now the job looks extra nice and perfect. Yes I was worried to have Dad working like this but he said he could do it and he did a wonderful job. (after surgery you aren't suppose to lift anything or raise your arms above a certain point) I'm pretty sure if the Dr's and my sisters knew what he was up to they would freak out... but that's my dad always bending the rules so he can break records and recover faster. Nothing slows him down for too long!
YUP! he even jumped in the freezing cold un heated pool...the water was like river water...freezing. I barely put my big toe in while he jumped in and gave his heart a little shock!!
Dad went home yesterday and already the house seems really empty! I miss him that possible...yes it is. Dad has gone through so much the last couple years and it amazes me still how well he copes and handles all the obstacles thrown in his way. He is such a healthy guy and he makes it a point to eat right, exercise and keep himself spiritually minded, yet he keeps getting obstacles thrown his way, but he does overcome them. When I think of my Dad I think of a guy that can do anything. It is so hard to see your strong powerful dad sick, but the way he handles all his lose himself makes me step up to the plate and handle everything better. He is such a perfect example of how to handle struggles and overcome them, the good and the bad. "Come what may and love it" that's what my dad says.
Jo picked dad up from the airport yesterday and took him to the hospital for his follow-up due to a significant murmur that isn't closing. To dad's surprise he is extremely famous at the VA. (he was discussed in their grand rounds which is when Dr's get together to discuss amazing and unique cases) All the techs and Dr's kept saying, "you're that guy!!??" The Dr's had never seen a case like Dad's before and were shocked to see him doing so well. (even though he will be on antibiotics for another 3months which is unheard of, unless you literally have a heart transplant, that's how severe his blood infection was/is)
He is known as the miracle guy at the VA. Dad's echo didn't come back so swell so they will be changing his medications and doing a follow-up in 3wks, they may have to re due the surgery because of the significant regurgitation and lung fluid. But once again my dad has taken everything with a grain of salt and doesn't doubt or feel sorry for himself. I am proud of my dad and want to strive to be more like him. He is so patient with everything and everyone...even now people are always saying, "you look so great!" but deep down it takes my dad every possible effort to simply walk around without getting dizzy, it takes every possible effort to make sure he eats even when he has no appetite, it takes every possible effort to simply make it through the day, but since he smilies while he does it people don't realize all the pain he is going through.
So I am so thankful that my dad took the time to come stay with us, we had a great time and made some wonderful new memories together! I love you Dad and you are the best Dad and best friend a girl could have imagine and hope for.
Spence and I love you so much!

A week in review

Last week I drove up to Vegas a to see my cute sister, her hubby, doggies and twins!! (they went on a family vacation and I figured I better pop in and add to their fun!!) It was so fun to see them, i hadn't seen them since before Christmas and the twins have changed so much! The girls really missed Spencer so whenever my phone rang Becca would say, "Spensore!" and talk to him on the couldn't have been cuter!!These girls love to read! Amanda is so perfect with them she is so enthusiastic, energetic and creative no wonder these girls love to read, laugh, play and sing... oh ya they can sing I am a child of god, sunbeam, give said the little stream all by themselves and they are only 2!
(I wish my nursery class could do that)
Miguel taken a break!
PAPPY! yes the miracle man surprised us by coming to Vegas too!! these girls love their Pappy so much. In fact Becca simply calls him "Pap"
The GIRLS at the "M" store
CHEESE!! I love this picture... Manda's twins are so cute and fun, i had a wonderful time with them and which I could stop them from growing up so fast.
Manda thanks for letting me crash the party...i miss you and your beautiful family. You are the best sister in the whole world...along with my other sisters too.
Thanks for being such a great friend.