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Friday, January 28, 2011

just some fun video's of the girls. tenley has such a fun laugh....don't mind her falling she made a full recovery! but she has also realized that she has a voice....and she knows how to use it!!!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

what a weekend!!

just a quick update on the babes. they love each other, a friend of mine told me that twins start communicating with each other before they communicate with anyone else. i am a believer in this, the girls seem to follow each other around, laugh at the same things, and look at each other and make gibber-gabber with each other. i am so glad i have twins..
after our race, jo and i came home to this. spence was a trooper and watched the babes all weekend so i could hang with jo and reese. reese loved being the big helper to the twins...she kept telling me she was going to put them in her suitcase
and take them home with her to utah.:)
we visited the duck pond just around the corner from our house daily. reese had a blast chasing the ducks, she is such a fun kid.
look at those eyes!!! 9months old!!!
we went to our 9month dr appt (they were exactly 9months to the day...time has flown) ms tenley weighs 20.1 and 28 1/2inches long. and now has 2bottom and 2front would never even know she is teething she is so mild and calm.
and look at those eyes. ms quincy...i've nicknamed her ms spunk cause she has got a wild never stopping personality. she weighs 17.5 and is 28inches long. and yes i feed them the same.
in fact ms q eats more than her sister...she just has my face but the metabolism of a mortensen.

these twins are so fun, and i tear up all the time because i look at my life and i honestly don't think that it can get any better. they have brought so much joy and happiness into our lives its amazing how becoming a parent can change everything.

spence has been busy doing a rotation at the phoenix VA, he loves it, and has been able to jump right in and do hands on work. seeing patients, treating them and dictating all the notes. its been really nice because all of his hard work at school is paying off,
and he enjoys what he is doing. i miss him cause he is gone so much...waawaa cry cry, i know, only 4more years of all this med school stuff.:)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

we did it!!!

my cute sister Jo (and her side kick reese) came to town this past weekend to run the
pf chang's half marathon!! it was crazy!! but we did it. since i have lived here in phoenix we have always wanted to do it, the first year 2008 my dad got horrible sick with endocarditis and almost died on race weekend so we had to forfit. last year i was being my super hot self on bedrest with the twins. thankfully this year everything worked out and we were able to run and finish!!! to see our pics and hear all about the race click here

Monday, January 17, 2011

moms of twins

my friend tessa passed this along and i couldn't help but share it with more people. this is a typical conversation i have at least 3 times a day.:) enjoy

Thursday, January 6, 2011

for sale!

well the time has come my friends to put our first house up forsale. spence starts his one-month crazy rotations ranging from Seattle to Detroit May 1st. each month he will be somewhere new and exciting. so we decided it would be easier on me if we made home base in utah with my family. that way i won't get too lonely, and on some weekends he can fly home for a quick visit. it would just be crazy to back up the girls and move every 30days, or stay here by myself. (even though i have friends that i know would totally be supportive and wonderful here in az). we have debated what to do with our cute little place. we thought 2 1/2yrs ago when we bought we were buying at the low of the market...ha little did we know we would would lose $100,000! plus our hard earned $15,000 down payment. yes please feel free to cry and shed a tear for us. but there really isn't much we can do about all that so we have tried to laugh through the tears>:) and we are hoping for the best. we listed it with a Realtor last week for a whopping $55,000!! (oh don't worry thats just the market value these days...crazy!!) so it really will be a killer deal for someone now. and hopefully things will turn out ok...i keep thinking we are good honest people, something good will come of this, it has to. and maybe the good is letting someone buy such a cute place for such a killer deal:) so we'll see what happens. definitely this has been a huge learning experience for us. and we have really loved our time here in this house, it will be sad to have to say good-bye to it. so here is the listing, and just in case you know someone needed a weekend getaway, or someone moving to the area...:)

i couldn't get the link to work, but anyways its a cute place.:) wish us luck.
but i think you can look it up at and put in our address: