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Saturday, August 30, 2008

We Made It

I just wanted to say thanks to my wife for being there for me. For allowing me to pull her away from her loved ones and doing it with a smile. Thank you for your strength, your patience, your hard work, and your love.
Forever Thine
Forever Mine
Forever Ours
Love You

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Get Movin

The countdown has begun and actually, it's pretty much over. For the past two weeks we've been packing our junk into boxes, which is more than I thought we had, and getting it ready to make the big move to Phoenix. We'll be packing it all into our rental truck saturday and heading out sunday morning at the butt-crack of dawn. I'm super-exited and a little nervous to be starting school again. Carly's exited and nervous to have to leave her oh so close sisters and family. The little bird reached her time to leave the nest, and I'm the one pushing her out. It will also be nice to be able to move into and live in our first home, which we purchased at the end of June and have already made one mortgage payment on. I know, it's awesome to have to pay for the place and not live there. But, we're moving and never coming back to utah!!!!! until thanksgiving, and possibly christmas, or ever other weekend for the first 3 months (for Carly's sake)........... Wish us luck, and sianara to our Provo amigos.

Monday, August 18, 2008

oh my gosh

ok spence and i happened to turn on the news tonight before bed (normal we watch scrubs or read our scripture of course) but heared about a couple whos plan crashed in arizona stephanie and christian nielsen, mom cyndi and steve clark of provo utah. i put two and two together and couldn't believe what happened. it is my old friend stephanie clark from high school. they were flying in a small plane (christian has his pilot license )and the plane went down just after take off and burst into flames, christian has burns over 30% of his body and steph has 80%. i can't believe this, nia is my age and has 4 small adorable kids and i was hoping to get in touch with her since we will be livin in AZ too now. anyways for those that know her, her sister jane has a blog with updates if you are interested. there is also a link to stephanie its called i read nie nie. unbelieveable, life is so fragile.

1 year and counting

This is for you Babe! to my one and only baba babe! I can't believe its been a whole year since we got married! I'm so glad you are my huzband. I have learned so much about myself, who i want to be and how i want to get there. People say you can only grow and develope only as much as your spouse...and i can say that i'm so glad you will always help me grow and become that person i know i want to be and the person you want me to be. I have never laughed so hard, (remember the time you tickled me so much my laughter become tearful and then an all out tear fest) i've never cried so hard and been so fantastically happy until now.
Thanks for all you do, and lastly for understand me, and my silly ways.
This is for all my girls!! remember how crazy i was a year ago, just think back recall all the things you were doing for me. to my 5 friends and i really mean 5: Jo you and amanda were busy getting electricuted as you cleaned the drive way off, Heather you were drivin like crazy from Cali to make it back in time, Kellie you were busy in the kitchen makin' the best chubby chick oreo sensations, Mom you were busy trying not to cry and my other friend spence you were busy telling me it wasn't going to rain and the the hurricane wouldn't hit cancun!! love ya thanks again for all your help!!

yellowstone!! elk, dear and bison oh my!

For our 1 year anniversary we decided to live it up Brown/Mortensen style and camp out in the woods!! so we packed our bags and headed north to Yellowstone for the weekend. We stopped by Tami and Colton's house in Idaho Falls and we have to say that Idaho has never looked so good!! then we headed up to Western Wyoming and camped in Yellowstone in a little place called Madison camp ground. We took all of Dr. Glenn's back packing gifts with and spence was really glad because it was the first time in his life that he didn't freeze to death at night. Anyways not to make this too long but we had a BLAST! i was glad that i didn't get eaten by any bears and spence was sad that he didn't get chased by a bear. I felt like a mom telling him to BE CAREFUL (He is so wild, Heather and Jo you know what I'm talkin about, he's always pushin the rule book which is why I love him) so we saw old faithful and it was looking good, we saw some moose, some elk, some dear. We biked through the park like Lance Armstrong, we ate like kings ya know backpacking food (a dry roll for lunch and dehydrated food for dinner) And when we were drivin' i kept saying, "bison, bison bison! calling all bison!" and it was weird cause none would come...until...we saw one massive bison at night in our car and then proceded to see 2 cars hit it head on!! it was a crazy story i'm still in shock. We had a great time and it was amazing to just be together uninterrupted from kai (our cat) or work, or the move or school or life. Yellowstone is a must!! on our way home we went through Teton National Park and that was spectacular too!!