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Thursday, July 29, 2010

more pics

we have discovered that our fists taste so so good!
we have conquered tummy time
our favorite outfit...spence got these when we found out we were having twin girls...i thought they would never be big enough to wear them, but my-oh-my how they have grown!
amanda took these pictures...she is so good with photograhpy, one day she just said lets do a photo shoot and whala...with no photo shop

fun in the sun!

reese was able to spend a day with us, we did make-up galore and walked down to feed the horses!
this is the closest we get to sun bathing these days
manda had a pool party and pulled out her twins suits for us to barrow, needless to say they didn't so much love the cold pool water but at least they looked good pool side:) could these little bodies get any cuter? i love Tenley's little chubby legs,

and of course in Brown tradition running 5ks every weekend with everyone was my favorite thing to do. yes i am super slow since i haven't ran in over 10monts!! i'll never forget at the 4th of july freedom run i wanted to walk and amanda said, nope sorry youll just have to get over it...i love having a running buddy again...(miss you guys) but it was great to get out and have fresh air and the babies love it too, we were such a hit, manda with her twins, me and my twins, heather with ladd, jo with taylor and cy and reese and gage running along side, and pappy taking turns pushing everyones strollers. can't wait to buy a double stroller so we can start cruising the streets again.


While in Utah the babies were loved by everyone! it was great to have so many willilng & helping hands, i love how intent josh and abbie are while feeding the twins.
sisters are we, best friends indeed. can never get too much of these cute girls, i keep trying to convince them to move to AZ but no takers yet.
of quincerella and her favorite other mom!
and of course my right hand man, pappy was so helpful and so good with the twins i couldn't believe it. in fact most the time i would have him help the fussier baby...just cause he always new just what to do. he helped us get on a good schedule, showed the babies how fun the swings can be, taught Tenley how to semi-hold her own bottle, ran with us, and made us laugh. he pretty much is the best MANNY in the world.
and of course the babies with the grandma and the great!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

top 10 things about utah!

ok, so i have been in utah for 3wks now and have loved every stinkin minute of it. since my camera won't download any pics here is a good idea of what we have been doing while here...sorry spence we had to leave you out of all the fun while you study for boards...
but we sure have missed you:)
1. the weather...lets be honest can it get any better than this...85-95degree and with just the right amount of a breeze. i'm still adjusting to the weather as in the morning or at any store i definitely have to sport a jacket or i freeze to death. people here think its so hot when its only 85...thats what we set our AC at in our home.:)
2. a 5k/10k race every saturday. since i've been here every saturday we have sported off to a 5k, first thanksgiving point, than wheeler farm, and next week the freedom run. of course jo, manda and heather and i all push are kids in double strollers....but here in utah a double stroller is the norm where in AZ double strollers gets you looks of like....what are you thinking you crazy lady. and of course jo and heather do 2laps to my one, but amanda has been pushing me pretty hard since i haven't walked, let alone run in over 11months!! crazy! so excited to be out moving again
3. friends! friends! and more friends! it has been so fun being here long enough to grab time with friends....thanks heather, jo, manda, jaime, steph, ash and kristy for all taking time to chat and dout on my girls.
4. family! oh how its been so nice to be around family, they have helped me so much with the babies, my dad really hasn't missed more than a couple feedings...he even gets up at 3am to help cause he doesn't want to miss out. i'm seriously getting anxiety about going home next week....
5. shopping shopping shopping. yes, target, walmart could it get any better, but dragging around 2new babies all by yourself isn't so fun, but with mom and jo and roo and sometimes even little taylor helping its as easy as pie....and yes i only buy clothes where i can buy food...i really am a mom now.
6. going to the movies!! ECLIPSE!! i haven't been to a movie since new moon last november!! jo surprised us and got us tickets and me a babysitter (thanks mom and dad) and we snuck in our own popcorn and soda (yes annie i still have to sneak in all sorts of candy cause i'm too chubby and too cheap to not:)) loved the movie...loved all the exciting previews...and of course i cried just a bit cause it was so amazing!
7. grandmas, great grandma's and pappy's!!! ok so i already said family but its so nice to have the babies be spending time with all the grandparents...i seriously choke up just a bit when i think we won't be able to see them everyday soon.
8. BBQ. the weather outside is awesome and when i take the babies for their walks you can smell all the peps and their BBQ's outside a frying...lovin' summer in utah
9. sleeping babies. i don't know what jo, manda, and paps have done to the babies but i seriously can't repay them enough. before coming to utah i was feeding the babies every 3hrs this including during the night, 9p, 12a, 2a, 5a, 8a, i felt so good if the babies slept a total of 3hrs in between feedings, because people it takes about an 1hr to feed em, then a half hour to put em down so that would leave me a good hr if all went well to sleep, i was averaging 2-4hrs total of sleep all day! man it was hard the first 2months! anyways now the babies sleep from p9-2a!!! it must be something about the clean utah air...but its so nice to be sleeping again!!
10. memories. i can't drive down any street without thinking of all the silly and wild memories i created while growing up in utah, from cruising movies 8 in cami's mini, quazzi motto, hitchin' ride at utah lake, running down just about every street and every trail here, the malls, oh so fun. i love utah....and you will never know how great it is until you move away. can't wait til we come back and live here for forever right spence??!!
anyways i've had a great time here, can't wait to post my pics later! and if you were doubting utah really is a great place to be.