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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

happy 29th!! grandpa

its official i've lost the camera (i'm still one of those people that live in the dinosaur age and don't have a cool web phone either) until someone (aka me) wins the jack-pot/lottery i don't have any cute pictures to post....spence, you will probably forget what we all look like, just remember i'm the hot chic with orange hair:) and you have twin girls one with orange hair and with with brown:)

but if i had a camera i would post pictures of spencer's 29th birthday.  he turned 29 on the 29th!! so to celebrate i gave him a big box full of 29small gifts to open, one each day for the next 29 days.  on his birthday he was busy driving from seattle to austin. but like always he drove none stop so we could snag a couple of hours with the best papa ever!
i thought my gifts were super cleaver...and cheap of course we have to stay within our $5budget:0
so he got socks, lots of candy, toothpaste to offset the candy, badly needed pair of sweats (and now i get his old ones! yes!) and other stuff i can't mention because he has not opened them yet. but one of them was a special birthday/halloween post just for him....not so exciting without a camera, so my words will have to melt your heart babe!

happy birthday to one old man!
i love you so much, and i love that even though we have been apart for 5months...which seems way longer, you still like me:)
i love that you know me inside and out and you still claim me as your wife and mother to your babies.
but this is your birthday and is about you.
so here's to the man you always make us all laugh.
who works really hard to be the best student, dr, husband, father, friend he can be.
who is competitive in all the good ways,
and happy for others in all the best ways too.
who lets me support him in his dream of becoming a podiatrist.
to the man who stole my heart...and has not once tried to give it back.
who lets me be me, 
and watch tv shows like project runway and happy endings like its the best date he has ever had!
to the man who has taught our cute petite little girls to wrestle and run so fast!
and to laugh so hard..or not breathe (tenley) when being tickled by the best tickle monster in town.
who laughs at me when i try and cook meat...and it never turns out right...
who new lamb chops and pork chops are not the same thing and should be cooked differently???
who has a bit of edge to him and has to be reminded not to fight when he is playing ball.

so happy happy birthday to the man of my dreams, to the man who is dedicated in all that he does,
to the man that will always be there for me, no matter how far away he might be.
i hope this year is the best year ever!!