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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Welcome Back UTAH

The month of December Spence had a busy rotation so he took us and the girls to Utah for a couple weeks to have fun, celebrate, and so i could work at my old job. (thanks Ash for letting me fill in for you while you were on maternity leave)
We were met in Utah with several happy faces! Amanda and her twins came into town just before we left, and the cousins were so excited to all be back together again!

Ms T. is very very attached to Pappy.  She asks for him all the time, so she couldn't stop smiling the whole month we were in Utah.  it breaks my heart that we aren't closer, but i absolutely love that my dad is such a great Pappy and the girls love him so much.  He really loves them, and we all know that my girls are his favorite!

Tenley has really gotten into playing with baby dolls.  She made quick friends with Jason, who is going to school in price, but lives with my sister and four other Samoan's during the summer and holidays.
tenley just sat right next to Jason and had him help her with her dolls.  Every time we saw the Samoan's tenley just  buddy with Jason, he was so cute to play with her. 
It was super special to be in Utah for a couple weeks, and amazing that my sister Amanda was able to fly into town with her twins from south carolina.  the family was together just missing Jason in NY, but i'm sure this summer we will all have to get together again!

Friday, December 28, 2012


We knew that for Thanksgiving we would be heading to colder weather so i pulled out our winter clothes and let the girls try on the clothes.  it was hilarious to try and pull all the clothes on the girls, and all we could think about was the movie  'christmas story'. 
the girls had a blast in the puffy clothes and did a great wrestling/hugging match.

Spence was able to take a couple days off work and we headed to cold alamosa colorado for Thanksgiving.
the girls had a great time playing in leaves! i don't think they have ever played in leaves until now, Arizona and Texas don't really have leaves to play in!

They even helped rack up the leaves in a pile so they could run and jump into it!

then it was on to piano lesson's with grandma debbie.

 and of course in true thanksgiving day celebration, a turkey bowl down at the church.  the weather was great so i walked the girls down to watch their dad play...and get some doughnuts and hot cocoa of course.

 these girls had a great time and were able to throw the ball around too.
 however, their favorite part of the day was jumping over all the deer poop.
yes that's right jumping over dear poop, with a chocolate doughnut in hand!

 We also got to read books with grandma sally!
 This year it was just us at the mortensen's house for thanksgiving.  we had a great time and loved all the attention from grandma debbie and grandpa todd.  we had so much fun it's hard to believe we were only there a day and a half as had to leave to make it to Utah for some more fun.