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Monday, December 30, 2013

dance recital!

 the cutest ballerina's in the show!!
 it was hard watching and taking pictures because the girls weren't by each other so i couldn't get them together in the same shot....the dilemma of twins. 

 both girls had a great time, and did great! i was so impressed! 
before it all started i was super nervous...i don't really know why but i was so nervous for them!
such cute girls  

Thursday, December 26, 2013

boy or girl??

with less than 3wks to go, the question is, will this baby be a boy or a girl?
spencer and i don't have a huge feeling either way so we decided to test some of the old wise tells and see if we can guess.  of course there really is a 50/50 chance to be right.

Chinese calendar: Girl
dangle wedding ring on a string above belly and see how it swings: in a circle = girl.
carrying high or low: low = boy
morning sickness: yes = girl
crave salty food: yes = boy
what do your kids say: GIRL!
pick up a key: grabbed the wider part = boy
fetal heart rate lower than 140: 150+ = girl
what side do you sleep on: right = girl
You combine your age at the time of conception with the number of the month you conceived and the resulting number: odd = girl
When you're asked to show your hands, you present them: palms down = boy

so as you can tell its very mixed reviews...what do you think?

the next question is what should we name this baby?
neither of us have a name that we really feel strongly about.  i feel like i have used up all the girl names and can't think of any that i absolutely love.  i finally told spencer it will be up to him but to name the baby....and he doesn't have anything up his sleeve.
so what do you think we should name this baby?

  and this is me then...35wks pregnant with the twins....and of so uncomfortable! and so swollen, and so tired of laying in bed not able to rest. 

and i really thought this pregnancy i would gain 20lbs especially because i can actually move around this pregnancy, and i'm only having one baby this time.
but...of course i'm just as big now as i was then...its a little scary...really scary how big i am and there is only one baby this time.  and its definitely not all water weight this time i think its cookie weight:)
i will say that being pregnant with only one baby at time is definitely way easier.
i am still huge, but only having one baby in your tummy at a time is just easier.  i can still sleep on my side, i still kinda bend down, i can still breathe.  yes, i'm uncomfortable as most pregnant people get close to the end.  but i really feel like i can't complain because i know just how much more uncomfortable it can really get.  and i am so grateful that this pregnancy has been super easy.
it was difficult for the first 18wks but since then it has been a breeze! i am so grateful!

so that was me then...and this is me now 36wks
huge right....and i'm getting a little embarrassed to go out in public being so big and over weight...let alone post a pic on the blog, but you forget so quickly how big you really are and what you look like. and i want this baby to be able to have at least some pictures of his/her big mama.
 the girls are getting really excited to meet their new sibling.  it has been really fun lately because they can feel the baby kick, and they kiss my tummy, and talk about baby CeCe all the time.
so here is to the beset pregnancy in history, and to 3more weeks of the easy life....ah what are we going to do with 3 kids!! the adventure awaits!

Monday, December 23, 2013

santa comes to town

these are the cute faces waiting at the train station for santa to arrive.
since we recently watched polar express the girls were super excited to see santa come off the train straight from the north pole. 

of course the girls were a little too scared to actually meet santa, but they enjoyed seeing him, and the train museum as well. 
tenley even went a little train she is yelling, "all aboard!"

we also met the grinch...and spencer was the only one brave enough to take a picture with him!
meeting mrs clause...the girls can't wait for christmas to arrive!!

christmas parade

we headed downtown one night to watch the christmas night parade. it was really fun, and the girls loved seeing all the lights and floats.

we are really getting into christmas this year!!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

blora christmas lights

this month there seems to be so many fun activities and things to do, like going to BLORA and seeing all the christmas lights. (blora is a recreation place about 10min away that fort hood maintains and has tons of activities, lake, boats, camping, horse back riding etc)
and yes they had lights of tanks, hummers, bombs...only in texas and only on an army base:)
we loaded up the girls and headed out with some hot cocoa to see all the christmas lights!
we decided to let the girls go crazy and get out of their carseats...and even drive the car!
the girls loved driving, but they definitely aren't ready for a drivers permit. 
oh, and they liked the lights too!

last year we saw the Christmas lights in Spanish Fork with my family, and the girls kept asking for grandma because they remember going with her last year. 
tenley especially was very admit that we go to her house is always hard to tell the girls we can't its too far away...but we'll visit soon. 

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

christmas is coming

 this year we made our christmas gifts for all the grandparents.  the girls and i had a great time doing it all, its not much but hopefully its the thought that counts:)

 and now that its is mid December we finally have fall.
spence and the girls worked hard to rake up all the leaves.  the girls really are great helpers, they really just want to do whatever we are doing.  

one night spence got home early so we headed to walmart and got a live christmas tree!!
the girls were so excited to decorate it.  the tree is better than a true charlie brown tree, it might only have lights up half way and only a few ornaments....but it smells like christmas!
this is the first Christmas that girls are actually aware of all that's going on.
we watched polar express and the girls were very inquisitive and wanted to know who the old man in the red suit was, the elves, the north pole everything.  it felt a little weird to be telling the girls this big elaborate story of all these characters knowing that just in a few years we would be telling them....never mind we made it all up.  but it is exciting to see there excitement and joy of this special time of year. 

Saturday, December 14, 2013

reading and cooking with pappy and grandma

these girls love to read, especially when they get to read with grandma and pappy!
a couple weeks ago they sent us a package with pooh bear and a book.  this is a very special pooh bear as it will read along with you and pooh will even say a couple of the parts....its amazing. 
tenley has become quite the poser in pictures, she won't look at the camera or she'll make a silly face.
these girls also love to cook. and pappy is quite the chef, he let them help cook thanksgiving dinner.  peach jello of course.  i think the girls ate the whole pan by themselves.
they also cooked breakfast every morning with him, Q is getting really good with cracking eggs. 
especially because she eats 2-3 runny eggs every breakfast!

we had a non traditional texas thanksgiving this year.  
spencer cooked steaks and pappy cooked pork chops.
again, the girls loved eating the meat right off the bone!
the week pappy and grandma were visiting it was really cold. 
we weren't able to play outside much, but the girls wanted to show them their big bikes!
both girls love biking.  several times a week, i load up their bikes and drive (we used to run down but now that i'm prego we drive) down to a local park that has a little paved loop and the girls will bike while i walk.  they can bike at least a mile...for sure they will be endurance athletes!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

turkey bowl

we were so lucky to have grandma and pappy in town for thanksgiving.  
to keep the tradition going spencer and several other people from our ward and the hospital got together to play a football on turkey day. 
they played at the high school football field. 
that's right this amazing stadium is for the 3A football team here in town.
in Texas football is everything!

the girls were great cheerleaders and enjoyed running up and down the field
and the donuts and hot cocoa of course!