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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

a little bit o utah

 last week we headed home to utah for a couple days. it was a quick trip in the sense that it took us 2days to drive there and 2 days to drive back to texas.
while there spence and i jumped on the opportunity to go to the temple because its so close and the free babysitting.  (we laughed because we haven't made it to the temple in texas yet because its a 2 1/2hr drive, so instead we just drove 24hrs to go to the temple)
we were lucky enough that spence hadn't used any of his vacation days yet and they expire in july so we figured we better use them and see my dad since his health has unfortunately been getting worse.
 everyday was filled with cousins and more cousins! we were having such a fun time i forgot to capture all the fun with the camera, but here is tay and tenley holding baby cole. (he isn't much of a baby any more, but don't those blue eyes just melt your heart!)

 silly cousins, Cy was the best older brother, taking really good care of the girls everywhere we went.

 the best part about cousins is all the free and endless love.
these girls get spoiled rotten when we come home, and they love every minute of it!

Friday, April 19, 2013

its my party!

 the girls had the best party ever!
we had a great combined birthday party at the park with all our friends!
the girls were so excited for their very special party!
(they think everyday is their birthday which i guess makes them feel special, and its kinda cute)

 swinging at the park is their favorite thing to do!
 we had a little mishap with the candles this year.
as we were getting ready to sing happy birthday tenley got a little too close the flame and literally her ponytail caught on fire!  i mean flame! luckily she had no idea what was happening, and our friend melanie rushed to her aid and put the fire out, but it did singe a good portion of her hair off.
 we had over 72 cupcakes at the party and yes we ate them all gone!

 our friend brought us all sorts of presents and they were all so cute to help and watch us open them!
the girls got spoiled with all new toys, princess stuff, coloring, hula hoops, clothes, it was really generous of everyone.
 spence was on call that day, and literally got paged twice right before we left for the party at the park
but was able to just to phone consults thank goodness. (later that night he did end up spending the night in the ED with several patients, but he didn't miss the party)

sneaking another cupcake!

all the girls wanted for their birthday was pink cupcakes for quincy and purple for tenley.

 sunday we skyped with grandma debbie and the girls got to blow out candles one more time
this time no hair burning!

but this is tenley's reaction when her cupcake broke in half.  poor thing, i guess she really is just 3.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

already 3??!!

Happy Birthday Tenley & Quincy
it's been the best of times
and some of the worst times
but spence and i can agree these 3 yrs have really been remarkable in our ability to love, sacrifice, pray, laugh, struggle, not sleep,
and be uplifted.  you girls bring out the best in all of us!

1st yr

 in the thick of it, feeding times were crazy!

 2nd yr

 3rd yr becoming pin pals again with some of our favorite people

can't wait to see what this 4th yr brings us.  
already you are too big for me to hold, and when i do your legs drape all the way down to my knees. 
keep being good friends
keep being our special girls
keep being your sweet unique selves.

Monday, April 15, 2013

sporty shorties

our little preschool group signed up with the city to attend a basketball camp,
the girls were semi-interested as always.

they definitely know how to stretch and jump....but waiting their turn is still pretty tough

i don't think we have the next michael jordan on our hands, but we had fun running around!

Thursday, April 11, 2013


some friends with friends, and dancing with daddy!
and of course the classic EGG Dyeing!

this is the girls patiently waiting for their eggs!

Q only wanted to coloring them Pink, both girls were very presice on how they dipped the eggs.
we had so much fun!
these girls are getting so big and so cute!!!