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Monday, February 23, 2009

look at this!

Saw this truck and had to snag a picture! Here in AZ we like to spell things a bit different but we sure do like to GIT-ThiNgS-DoNE!! You Brian Regan fans
will get a kick out of this (heath & Kev)
I also thought it would be so fitting for all of us
it doesn't matter how we do it...JuSt GIT it DoNe!
no matter what IT may be. Easier said then done...(I need to work on somethings myself) manda i need an update....where oh where have by cute twins gone???
i'm dying with out an update so git-r-updated too jo!

a good day!

Spence and i went for an awesome bike ride on saturday! Spence was nice enough to come with me, it was our first big BIKE adventure in AZ and we found a pretty
cool route and I can't wait to do it again!!!
The weather here is awesome...75 and sunny...which makes be horrified for July.

Us...we look like two big nerds....especially because i made spence stop so
we could take these pics.
This week is finals!!! spence is finishing his 2nd quarter of med school
and he has done so well!! i had to post some pictures of him so when i get lonely i can at
least see his cute face. Keep up the good work BABE!!

Friday, February 20, 2009

valentines day!

After Spences' football game we went out on the town...we went to lunch and then hung out
at a local park for a couple hours like homeless people. It was really nice just to spend
so much time together!
like 6whole hours in a med school wives know that never happens, never.
Spence is super cute and got me my favortie perfume for Valentines day
....abercrombie 8! it spells so good.
We also shared some good laughs because we have been married for a whopping
1 year and 6months! Its crazy how time flies...but how much fun we still have, and how much we love each other even more than ever!
Momma Mort sent us our yearly V-day pack and an awesome cookie cutter so we made use of it and made some awesome cookies! We doubled the recipe thinking we would share with people, but we ended up not sharing them and eating them all for ourselves...Yes they were that good...well almost as good as Annie's.

Look at him...isn't he funny...i can't wait to see what are kids are like..
So what did you guys do for V-day???

boys and football!!

Spence getting ready for the game! flag football with all the boys from A-town, hince their team name is A-town. On Saturday they had a double header, they play over in Mesa so i tagged along to watch Spence show off some of his skill. It was a beautiful day about 65-70degrees.
Getting last minute instructions from the coach...this isn't just city league this is
Mortensen style City league!
Ok so our camera isn't so hot...but look at that play, spence was able to snag the pass and run it all the way in for a touch down... our camera is so slow its amazing i was able to snatch this one!

Look at him go!! Don't worry he was able to sneak out of this almost tag and run it back! Nice Pass Ty!!
A bit more of the action!
I had a great time cheering, unfortunately because of Spences' crazy final schedule he is going to miss out on this weekends i'm gonna have to sub in for him. (j/k i don't think I could hack it) good luck guys!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

I wasn't able to do much, or to see anyone while i was in utah and i hope i haven't affended anyone by not seeing them while i was in town, i just had a lot going on and it didn't feel right to hangout with friends with all that was going on.

but here are a few things i was able to do. the browns had me over for dinner which was delicious and we played gassy gus! (everyone with kids needs to get that game!) I made brownies (mom's fav) for dessert so we could finally sing her happy birthday a week late...sorry mom.

Us girls (pam couldn't make it) took mom out to lunch for her b-day again about a week late. mom is such a good sport with all that is going on she never once complained that we couldn't celebrate her 60th don't worry next year i'll make it up to her. mom is so so supportive....i hope someday i am half maybe even a quarter of the mom she is to all of us. we had a good time kris told us all about her fabulous disney cruise and i ate my weight in chips and salsa.

During all this crazy time while dad was in the hospital, jed actually was out of town for 2wks with work...not so good timing. so i tried to help jo with the kids by taking them to school on my way to the hospital...this is a picture of me taking the kids to school in our little honda...see 3car seats can fit...(barely)....who needs a new car! All the grandkids have been so concerned about their pappy. reese is glad i'm his nurse so she can see me! she told me that spence should just come visit and i should just live with her and share her room! i think its a great idea...jk spence.

After 3 quick weeks i am back in Az...or as some would call and i need to start calling home. I was able to go to Utah for the past couple weeks to help my sweet dad gradually heal. It was really nice to be able to help him...cook cream o' wheat every morning and tempt him with all varieties of lunch menus to intise his poor appetite and lack of taste buds. I was able to learn how to give him his IV every morning at 7a and every night at 7p, i really felt like i was helping him so much and it made me feel good to know that i was in a position in my life (no job, no kids) that i could help fulltime. Dad is doing good, it is really hard to see him so sick, in pain, and worry that he will never fully recover. (but don't worry he will) The poor guy is going through so much right now, its hard to have to leave him. my sweet awesome sisters, and bro are really pitching in big time to help with dinner and making sure he gets his meds. i'm so thankful for such a wonderful loving family. and i miss everyone so much already.

The cat...has gained about 10lbs since i've been gone...i guess she is an emotional eater too! spence was such a trooper, riding his bike everyday to and from school, to church and to who knows where. lance has got some serious competition now. Spence got one flat tire on the morning of a test and had to walk his bike to school, poor thing. luckily a good friend Michael took him to the bike shop later that day to get his bike fixed. and dave & caylen let him borrow a car so he could get groceries. can you imagine him riding his bike with grocery bags hanging on the side of his handle bars! thanks guys and thanks to everyone else that checked in on spence while i was gone.

Anyways i just wanted to say thanks to everyone for their prayers and thoughts, and for checking in on me even when i wouldn't return calls. there were moments and still are moments where all of this becomes too much to handle and i don't know how to talk about it without getting too emotional. it is nice to know that we are loved. last night at bunco everyone was so nice, so genuinely concerned and so welcoming. THANK YOU