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Friday, July 22, 2011

Fun in the Colorado Sun

We recently returned from a fun couple days enjoying the Colorado sun and hanging out with the Mortensen grandparents.  It's been a while since the twins have had some serious grandma & grandpa Mortensen time.  We spent most of our time playing outside in their massive backyard.  The girls loved the kiddy pool grandma set up and couldn't get enough of the garden hose.  We visited the Great Sand Dunes  National Park, Spencer got in some golf w/ his Dad, and the always enjoyable shooting range w/ the family arsenal of weaponry.  Here's some pics:     

Trapped in a hammock, it was fun for a while.  

Love this picture.

Can't beat backyard smores over an open fire.  

Helping grandma weed her weedless flower pot.
The famous bubble factory at the Sand Dunes.  

Unfortunately the creek that runs along the edge of the dunes has dried up early this year.  No sand castles this year, maybe next time.  The girls still enjoyed it.   
Love that sand!

Love that Sonic ice

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

brown palooza part 1.

brown family reunion 2011!  
we had a huge summer reunion with all 29 of us up at bear lake!! (even jason was able to make it!)
 we had a blast swimming, eating, relaxing, dancing, and some more swimming!
it was great to be with everyone and i couldn't have imagined this much fun, everyone pitched in with fun activities...facials, manicures, yoga, running, hair dying...thats what happens when there are 11 little girls running around...its all about the beauty and justin bieber of course!

the drive there wasn't so bad...when you have a box of twinkies anything can be fun! jo let us barrow her mini-van and we car pooled with amandas twins...a van full of twins!! love the mini by the way!

                                                               amanda and jason teaching us some yoga!! it was so beautiful, the best place i have ever done yoga!  
the girls loved running on the deck...they thought they were pretty cool,

some fun on the beach.  kristie and jo had these cool little boats the girls loved them, and spence loved being the captain of the tug-boat.
we celebrated georgia's birthday as well.  kristie was so on top of it, she remembered to bring candles and everything!!  happy birthday georgia!!

can you believe how grown up madi is!! she is beautiful and so so so sweet. i love this picture, look at that sunset!!

while the girls swam...the boys built amazing sand castles, they had moats, lakes,
 and even re-created skull mountain
the rossers brought this amazing floating island.  i don't know the maximum capacity but we probably surpassed one point all the grand kids and grandma and grandpa were on it, sailing on bear lake.

 the girls loved the sand...that is they loved eating it!!

 queen of the sand!!!

 q will be trying out for baywatch any day!!!
loved the lake, thanks to everyone who brought fun toys for us to share.  
 we had the best time ever....
its so fun hanging out with family, we are so lucky to have such amazing people in our lives, we are so glad that everyone was able to come, we made some wonderful memories and can't wait ti' next year!!!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

gage is 8!!!

 Gage turned 8, and was baptized on july 2!! it was crazy to realize that he is that seems like just yesterday we were exstatic that jo was prego with him....twin toes an all!!
the chrisman's made it up from farmington and jessi and ben made it all the way from west virginia!! 
 here is a picture of the gage baptism group!! we sure are a huge family.
the baptism was so special, jo is in the primary presidency and it was her turn to speak for the ward.  she gave an amazing talk and spoke directly to all the little ones getting baptized. she was so beautiful and made us all cry.  amanda played the music and i was able to was so nice to be involved in such a special day.
four generations of love!!! and this is the only pic i got of jessi and ben!! miss you guys tons!!

and it wouldn't be a true brown baptism without a huge water fight after wards!! this is gage getting baptized again in the kiddy pool. 

 the twinners loved the water and all 30 kids running around crazy!!
 diet coke...its never to young to start!!

 isn't she cute!! tenley has figured out how to climb on just about everything!!

 quincy loved the water slide....abbie and madi love the twins and played with them the whole day!
happy birthday, and more importantly congrats on getting baptized.  gage is such an amazing little guy. he is so tender hearted, loyal, does all his chores, knows all his articles of faith, eats eggos like no tomorrow, and loves his little brother and sisters.  we are all so proud of him, 
jo and jed you have raised an amazing boy who is already saving for his  mission.
love you gag-ee.