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Saturday, July 11, 2009

its hot!!

When I decided that spencer and I would chose Midwestern and make the journey down south to the desert i remember him telling me, "its going to be hot" and i remember yelling in excitement, "I know i'm gonna love it!" and he said no really its going to be really hot all year,
and i said yep we are going to be so stinkin tan!
Well here we are almost a year later (ps we have owned our home for exactly a year now!) and its really hot. i mean almost unbearable heat. you open the door for some fresh are at 6am to go for a jog and bam!! there it is mother nature turns on a blow dryer and aims it directly in your face forcing you to step back inside and catch your breathe under the AC.
It's gotten so hot that my running partner and i have had to take a hiatus! We can't run at 5am its too hot, we can't run at 9pm its too hot!
so now i'm running on a treadmill staring at a wall
wishing it would snow! Wishing for those days when Josh/JO and I would slip on the ice while running in the gheto...ah ice. or see who could get worse ice sickle on their eye lashes
ah the days of cold....
SO heres a tribute to the heat, some simple things spence and i have found that are a must in weather where the high is 116 and the low is 96.
1. When in doubt don't don't go outside.
2. When in bed and you are sweating simply because you are laying on a soft compy mattress, simply grab a water bottle and spray the air above you, creating a nice cool mist all while laying in the comfort of your own bed.
3. don't even think about letting your pets go outside...especially a cat with fur like a whooly mammoth(they don't cool down and pretty much almost die)
4. If you buy ice cream at the store buy it last because it will be like soup by the time you get home to put in the freezer.
5. Don't try to grow a garden in the desert...everything turns to a crisp.(plant nov-mar)
6. Shade is not a luxuary it is survival for you, your car, everything.
7. Have a car that the AC doesn't require half the engines power causing it to shake.
8. You can never have too many fans.
9. sombreros aren't such a bad idea anymore.
10. You can never be too cold...cold is a term that doesn't exist i think it has been removed from all AZ dictionaries.
11. A nice picnic/walk/hike/bikeride can easily turn into heat exhaustion.
12. Don't even think about rolling your car window down.
13. Every pool is a hot tub....seriously and they are heated pools...and who needs hot water for that matter.
14. Getting tan isn't worth the pool of sweat you will find yourself laying in,
in about ah 8minutes.
15. Cooking or turning on the oven...not going to happen we now use our sidewalk.
Hope you like our tips of the desert if you have any you would like to add let us know.

Thursday, July 9, 2009


so I was browsing Allysa's blog and was exstatic to see that she tagged me!!

so here it goes..

10 things that they don't know about me and then pass it on to 7 friends.

1. I'm super scared of heights

2. I watch the re-runs of REBA..its a silly family comedy thats on at 6pm when i get off work...spencer secretly likes it too!

3. I eat a scoop of ice cream almost every night....super naughty.

4. I am queen about sneaking in candy, popcorn, soda to movies.

a girls gotta eat her treats!

5. I could easily be that crazy lady that has 5 cats and loves it.

good thing spence hates cats:)

6. I secretly want to be on tv someday...oprah or the today show.

7. I have a hugh crush of Spencer Lewis Mortensen...but don't tell!

8. I really want an australian sheep herding dog and i think i will name him gus...OR something silly.

9. I get home sick a lot and i'm 28yrs old if it wasn't for spencer i'd be more of a mess then i am now.

10. I will never swim in the ocean...never...I just won't do it not even for money...well maybe lots and lots of money.

7 friends..

jaime stephens

jo jo

amanda ruth brown kemp

carrie hopkins

kristy lou

Nelly aka heather N.


Have fun i sure did and it was really hard to think of things! thanks Allysa!