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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Our Week in Review

As of tonight, our girls are 1 week old and doing great. They're enjoying their time at home and keeping their parents busy (along with the mother-in-law). They went to their first docotor's appt today and everything is looking good. We feel extremely blessed to have 2 beautiful and healthy girls. Here's a couple pics for our week in review
Sleepy baby Tenley and sleepy mama.

papa spencer doing double duty... he is the best dad ever, and loves his babies so so much, he has a hard time leaving in the morning to school, and again at night to study but he is juggling it all so well.
already the girls are showing their different personalities and similarities. Tenley gets the hiccups after almost all her feedings, and when you feed Quincy good luck getting the bottle out of her mouth til she is ready, she has such a powerful suck. both girls love to be swaddled and ssshhhed to sleep, and the crazy thing is neither like to sleep between 1-5am which is the exact time at night that i could never sleep while pregnant....little crazy.

Friday, April 16, 2010

They made it!

Tenley (left) & Quincy (right)

We're happy to announce that our girls finally arrived. Tenley and Quincy were born around 7:40pm Wednesday evening. Both mom and girls are doing great. Tenley weighed 5lbs 11oz and was 20in long. Quincy was a touch smaller, 4lbs 10 oz and 17in long. Both girls are doing great, eating and sleeping, pooping and peeing- we love it. It's been a rough road but it's all been worth it- it's such a relief to know that the girls are thriving and doing well. We can't thank all those enough who have helped us during the past 9 months. Thank you so much for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers, we couldn't have done it w/out you all. Thank you.

Monday, April 5, 2010

whats been happening....

mr. mom getting the babies room ready... spence has been so good about doing absolutely everything the last 5+months including getting the nursery together....(notice my chubby toes in the bottom of the picture:))
a picture from my view over the last couple months. big tummy huh.
the watsons, need we say more, Tessa has come by every wk while i've been on bedrest helping me count up to a super successful delivery...and can you believe it we have made it!!! the kids would do little projects/art work for me and hang them up so i would have something new to look at each week. Tessa has been so helpful and understanding through all this, her twin boys were born at 33 1/2wks and now look at em!!

so you can say we have been busy, growing and getting ready for its just the waiting game....

Friday, April 2, 2010


So, after last week's findings at our OB appt we were scheduled to see a Perinatalogist monday to try and figure out what was going on. To say the least, it was a long weekend filled with uncertainty and anxiety.....not fun. After waiting 45 min. to be have a ultrasound done, another hour to actually do the ultrasound, then another 45 min. waiting to hear from the Perinatalogist, the only news we get is that the Perinatalogist wants us to go see our regular OB/GYN for one more test that same afternoon. After being in the office for most of an afternoon, he wouldn't even tell us the results of the ultrasound before we left.
We leave the office not sure what to think, trying not to assume the worst, and with no indication if things were good or bad, it's not easy to be completely positive. I think's it true to say that pregnancy and anxiety are joined at the hip. We check in at our OB's office and eventually do the 30 min non stress test. By then I couldn't help but think that the Perinatalogist didn't have guts to break us the bad news. After the test we talk with our OB who by then had spoken with the Perinatalogist. First thing out of his mouth, "The babies are fine, the perinatalogist isn't worried at all. The growth might be slightly behind but there's no need for concern. The fetal blood flow looks good." It was great to hear that everything was ok but the relief I felt was tainted with a disdain for the afternoon of uncertainty we were just dragged through. The fact that it could have been completely avoided by a quick conversation at the end of our previous appt. didn't help. One minute could have changed 30 min. of hell into just another appt- happy to do it knowing the babies are ok type of attitude.
We grabbed some comfort shakes from Sonic and returned home and that was that- glad that the day was a little closer to being over and relieved by the fact that Carly's 2 weeks shy of being full term. Funny thing is that we're just getting started............ Props to all you parents. Looking back now that it's been a couple days, the event seems trivial compared to the comfort of knowing that the twins are doing well. The "end all" means everything.