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Saturday, February 19, 2011

amanda visit

amanda came into town for a quick weekend trip. i was so glad to have the fun company. no one make you laugh as hard as amanda can. we had a good time. she showed the girls all sorts of fun stuff....
the dishwasher, pots and pans, measuring cups and how they make such a fun sound when you hit them together.
and of course we did a lot of shopping too. little, Q thought it was fun to play in the shoe box...she is a pretty cute little thing.
she played with us a ton!!! and made funny faces with us, and squished out chubby cheeks.L)
somehow i didn't take near enough pictures to capture our how much fun we had. the girls loved her. tenley would cry when amanda would walk out of the sad. amanda brought us some more books and clothes too!! it was fun to have amanda around, she helped me at church and then said, "your girls just don't hold still." and thats what i've been trying to tell people...they both are full of so much energy and they love seeing faces...they want to be where the action is at all times. i wonder where they get that from???>>>spencer.
bath/bed time is crazy. spence and i are always thinking man, we gotta record this action. when amanda was in town we finally had someone around who couldn't capture the girls rolling around while we try to wrestle them into their pjs. i will say this was a very mellow night though. its just imagine the nights when one of us is gone and we are doing a 2person job all by ourself...its wild.:)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


to the guy who is always giving us sweet treats, and plenty of it.
happy valentines day, in a day that represents love i wanted to let you know that i absolutely without a doubt love you more than you know.
i love you because you make me laugh, because you let me be me (which lately unfortunately mostly consists of a pair of sweats, with splashes of baby food on them, and a pony tail), because you support me in all that i do and encourage me to be my best self. its so nice to have a husband who is patient and understanding. i could go on and on and on, about all the great things that make you so amazing.
sometimes i feel that i can't possibly express how thankful i am for you, and how much i love you. my life was so boring before you came into it...and i will never forget that, i would be and i am lost without you.
we have had some great times in the last 4 1/2yrs...yellowstone, havasupai, provo river, biking, taking care of me on bedrest, cancun, twin surprise, medical school, train tracks, tickling so hard that i cry, moving across the country in a huge moving truck, starting a life together, trying to figure out LOST, eating meat for the first time, and much more.
i am grateful for all the loving memories we have created and can't wait to see what the next million years together will bring us. you are the best husband, and father
us girls could ever hope for.
this next year with you being gone will be hard...i hate to think of a day without you coming home to us, but its because of all the fun and love you bring to us...we'll be ok...kinda ok. (even now when i miss you i just look at Tenley because you have the same eyes, and look more like her twin, then quincy:))
spence you are amazing, i love you so so so much!!! you are my best friend, most loyal confidant, personal trainer/coach/road crew, and i love you so much.
hAPpY VAleNtINe'S dAy.

Thursday, February 3, 2011


everyone says, enjoy them while they're young cause time flies. and it is so so true. my sisters and spence like to tease me because i swaddled the girls until they were 7months old. and yes if they got out i would re-wrap them even if it was 1a, 3a or 5a. so the other day as spence and i were laughing about how i swaddled them forever, and still had them sleeping in their poppy's too. (i really didn't decide to stop swaddling the girls just started to get up on all 4's and rock...even in their swaddle so i couldn't make them do it anymore)
so we tried swaddling tenley to see if she would like it.

of this is fun...i love being all snug!
huge baby!
and then she decided not so fun cause she can't crawl or stand up. but it was fun to remember what the babes were like even just a couple months ago.