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Thursday, March 28, 2013

round rock play ground

 it was spring break for the school's here in texas so a group of friends headed down to round rock tx, (about 45min south of us) to this amazing play ground for all abilities!

 Happy Quincy!
 Sad Quincy! 

 this play ground is huge, we were there over 2hrs and could have stayed longer!
sand box, a small town to ride your bike, a huge play ground, and tons of other stuff!

Good think Quincy's middle name is Joanna because she looks so much like my sister Jo
 and her daughter Reese. 
 a little lunch break.
 love their smiles!!

we literally swung the day away. 
thanks rachel for telling us about this place!

Monday, March 25, 2013

best weekend ever!

 this past weekend was a great one!
spence wasn't on call which means he didn't have to go into the hospital at all, and he only had to study for 3hrs! we had a great weekend together!
 we made snickernoodles together, these are the best cookies to make with kids
because they can roll them around in the sugar and cinnamon.  they thought they were pretty cool. 
despite the look on spence's face, he was having a good time.

 we also got balloon made into Ariel dolls!! 
But the best part was were able to doggie sit our friends dog, "sasha" for a week,
this little dog was the best dog in the world.  We had a hard time giving her back. 

we seriously need to get a little pet around here.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Guess who came to visit???

Grandma Chrisman and Aunt Jessie came to visit!
Kristen got married in Austin (thanks kristen for getting married in texas so everyone could come to town) so after the big wedding jessie and grandma drove up to see us!
i was so excited for weeks, but i knew better not to mention anything to the girls until the day before, otherwise they would keep thinking every knock on the door was the chrismans.
we haven't had any visitors since July so i was really excited to see people and to show them where we live!
 of course grandma chrisman stepped right in with several activities!
Goey-oey-Goey as tenley likes to call it. they played with it for at least an hr!

 don't they just melt your heart!
 they were only here for one night but we really made the most of it! mexican food, a trip to walmart, and bed time!
 i love having people come to town.  the girls thrive off of all the attention.  breaks my heart we are so far away from everyone.  ---i wonder why i ever thought the 8 1/2hr drive from AZ was far...i'd give anything to only be 8 1/2 hrs away instead of 24.....someday right???!!! 
but until then we at least have visitors when we can, and of course we have each other.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

dr. pepper museum

 We headed up to the big city Waco and visited the Dr. Pepper Museum.  Spencer's family love's dr. pepper and so we had to check it out.
 Waco, Texas is where Dr. Pepper was first created and discovered!  There was a lot of history on how it all got started by a pharmacist...pretty cool
 they had tons of original bottles, containers, dispensers, pop machines, you name it if it had a Dr. Pepper label, the museum had it

 but lets me honest, we really came to taste test!  I was hoping they would be handing out Dr. Pepper right and left, but they didn't.  They had a small soda fountain where you could buy all sorts of soda's and combinations.  Because it was Valentines we decided to try a BIG RED float (another soda created in waco texas that tastes a lot like red cream soda)
 the girls gave to red float a big thumbs up!
it was only weeks later after creating our own red floats we realized that BIG RED has just as much caffeine as mt wonder the girls were wild and crazy!
 Spence is  now obsessed with Red Floats and every chance he gets he sneaks away to walmart to get more supplies. 
we had a fun time at the  museum, we had to check it off the list of things to do, but i don't think we will be going back anytime soon. the tour took about 20min, and the gift shop was a little sad.  i was hoping for a magnet or spoon to add to our collection but they didn't have any.  the best part about the museum was the $6 red float at the end.