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Monday, August 31, 2009

Man Project 1: The part that will never be finished

We have everything done with the project except for those little jobs that I will never get to and will most likely never get finished- for example, touch-ups, little splatters of plaster on the walls, windows and carpets that we will continue to find for months, dust that no matter how many times you sweep and map will remain stuck/ground into the tile, and then there's the whole bedroom saga- it didn't come out as well as we hoped it would. oh well, another quarter of school has begun and time for things like this are no more. Maybe I can get to it during the Thanksgiving break. Overvall we are happy with the results and completely worth the five days of hell. Until the next manpost.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Man Project 1 Update

Three days into Man Project 1 and we can finally see a blurry finish line a ways away on the horizon. We primed the ceilings yesterday and the only good thing about priming is that it's cheaper than a finishing paint.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Man Project 1- Part A

This is Spencer and I am man-blogging; not about silly or trivial things, favorite colors, or cute fabrics. This is a man-post about doing some dirty work, work so hard that it made Carly's cat sweat. Since Carly and I purchase our townhome I've wanted to take down the super-sweet popcorn ceilings that were oh so popular in the 70's- lucky for us ours is aspestice free. There's goes an enjoyable break between quarters. So far we're 2 days deep into Man Project 1 (as I call it) and the end isn't in sight yet. Our house is a complete mess. We could easily make a nice beach with all the dust on the ground, there's papers and plastic lining the walls, half our light fixtures are covered in trash bags, and we only have one functional room left- the second bedroom, and it smells like a Motel. It's a disaster. Sad to say, removing the popcorn texture has been the easiest part so far- thanks Tyler. Prepping the ceiling was the most aggravating six hours while on a six-foot ladder in my life and I don't even want to start on my spraying on of the texture. All that's left is a lot- lay down the primer, paint it, then start the never-ending clean up, and then move everything back to their original positions. I'm really starting to hope all the pain will be worth it. And if you leave a comment, don't say anything involving cute- this is a Man-post. the pictures don't do any justice. More to come with Part B..........

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

its been 2years!

to my dear sweet spencer:

thanks for making me the happiest wife in the whole world. thanks for understanding all my silly quorkes and
loving me more because of them.
thanks for always making me laugh...laugh so hard i occationally break out in tears.
thanks for supporting me through all the good times and the bad too.
thanks for being are so great, i could go on and on about how marvelous you are.
thanks choosing me to be your wife...i'm such a lucky lady.
thanks for always caring about me.
thanks for letting me be me in-and-out.
thanks for knowing my mom & sisters are my best friends besides you of course.
thanks, thanks, thanks, obviously the list could go on and on
its hard to imagine just 2yrs ago we were anxoiusly waiting in the temple to get married! its even harder to imagine 3 1/2 years ago we first met and fell in love
honestly these have the been the greatest years of my life and i know the best is yet to be,
cause you are gonna grow old with me!
i love you & happy anniversary.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

TONTO bridge

We had a super fun weekend, both of us can't wait for the day to come (after medschool & residency) when we can go camping every weekend!
On our way home we stopped by the "toilet bowl" as locals call it, (we found it as spence was flipping through our OUTDOOR magazine of places you must go.) so we went for another adventure to the toilet bowl a really quick hike to a small river that has pools of water for cliff jumping, and a natural slide! it was super cool.
thanks spence for letting me steal you away from the books
and all the glitter and glame of medschool to have a small, & super cheap vacation...cause thats what we do best!

a weekend away!

a couple weeks ago, i planned a quick weekend getaway for spence and i. we went up to Payson, AZ (Not payson UT) and camped. we both had been dying to try out our new ride. so we went to the worlds largest natural bridge,
Tonto State Park
it was a interesting boulder hopping hike into the cave, but it was well worth it!

i took this picture and instantly add! spence is having breakfast while our sweet new car sits in the back with a gorgeous background.

we are so cheap that we didn't have money to pay to camp in a "REAL" camp ground. so spence through the X into 4wheel and created a nice little campsite for us. I ended up getting super scared because spence kept saying..."whats that!" when ever there was a creapy after about 2hrs in the tent i eloquently said, "i'm sleeping in the X"
spence decided to join me...hince his really sleepy face! it was so fun we ended up staying up all night and chatting and telling funny stories!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

unseen pictures: missed the kodak moment

Ok so let me start with the fact that i am horrible about taking pictures, i forget my camera or i just don't stop from all the fun to capture the moment to share...No excuses right...
Last weekend I flew into town to visit my family...ya know it had been about 9wks since the last time i saw them so i succored spence into letting me fly home for a couple days.
I had a wonderful time, it so fun to visit family and friends...and not be at work might i add. but it is always hard to leave my hubby at home to fend for himself and try to keep the cat from running terror through the house.
So here are some things that I did while in Utah, that i forgot to take pictures of, sorry to those of you i saw but forgot to take that kodak moment with...
1. Spending all day on thursday at the dentist, Dr. Rick Leishman is great but seriously I had three appointment with him in one day! but spence is glad he saved us some money and my teeth really aren't all falling out/or falling apart like the AZ dentist said they are.
2. My sweet grandma and all us girls shopping shopping and i not buying cause are hubbies have us on a specific no, absolutely no spending money budget.
3. The twins, no pics, the browns no pics, the denneys no pics, heather no pics, my own mom, no pics, my own dad who it wouldn't hurt to take a couple extra pictures of the man since he has been/is so sick no pics, my cute sisters no pics, my bro who i'm going to send in for lance armstrong look alike no pics....the list goes on.
4. Working at my old job and loving every single minute of it, having patients thank me for helping them, actually being able to help them, making money to spend while on the trip. Jo has some of the greatest girls working there now, i told em that i might send a hit man out so i can steal one of their jobs, jk laci and ashley...but seriously it wouldn't hurt to watch your back:)
5. Ran into my mother-in-law on a whim no pics sorry debbie.
6. Jo's dog COCO i'm pretty sure he weighs more than her now...he is no longer a puppy.
7. Going to spin class with my awesome sister and would have been so cool to snap a picture of us all on the bikes sweatin it out!
8. Me on my death bed on tues/wed, i got so sick out of nowhere, Jo helped change my flight so i could stay one more day on the bathroom floor of my moms house since i had been quarantined from all the kiddlets. i mean serioulsy if you're going to stay another day at least have some i layed in bed til it was time to fly home. but i missed an extra day of work so that was nice.:)
9. my sad face when i realize that spence isn't coming, i missed him and the kids wanna know where the crap he is and why he can never leave phoenix for some beccs tells them all he is learning a lot! and thats why. i missed you spence and so did everyone else.
10. Reese and I getting hit in the head every once in awhile from a random leg or arm....and me laying in my moms compfy bed while she tickles my legs...she is the best tickler!
Ok ok so i missed a lot of fun moments, but I had a wonderful time, and i wanted to thank everyone for taking time off work and adjusting their schedules to see me while i was in town.
Jo and Roo thanks for re-energizing me and making me laugh so hard at all the silly things in life.
thanks spencer for being the best husband in the whole world and letting me sneak home now and again to make sure Utah is still the same, and that all my favorite little people still know who i am, and especially for loving me enough to be willing to be alone for a week while i go play and have fun. love ya babe and thanks everyone!
A walk after dinner is a must! see how the twins can share a seat while taylor needs the whole seat for herself cause there ain't now wiggle room for her in the wagon.
A train of wagons just like the pioneers:)
Paps and baby beccs! its hard to tell who is cuter in this picture!
baby beccs loves her pap so so so much! if he isn't in her sight she yells at the top of her lungs PAPS until he quickly replies

Cy showing of some skill, he can throw the ball and then swing and hit it, he plays all day everyday until the sun goes down and yes he even sleeps with a ball, we skyped spence and Cy had to show off his golf balls and club and made spencer promise to play golf with him.

One of my littlest BFFs! Reese is so cute, she is my best girl and she knows it! She calls me all the time in Phoenix to chat and wishes that spence would get done with school already so i can move back and sleep in her purple bed with her! this trip i said to Reese while we were driving to the zoo, "Reese you know you are my best girl!" she said, "I know, i wish we could get married but we'll just have to be best friends instead" I thought that was super cute, she always makes me feel super loved and adored!

Los Hermanos, a classic Provo experience, gage and reese had been so good so Jo bought them a "special drink" thinking they would absolutely love it...well not so much they hated it:)
It isn't a trip to Utah unless you drag all the kids to Sam's
for some window shopping and diaper buying.

And the Hoogle Zoo, need we say more!! Spence has never been, sorry spence, but i will say the zoo is a once every 5y need to do unless you are under the age of ten.:)

Gage and Reese strikin a pose at the zoo, cute kids huh.

Gage calls me all the time about which coin he has found. so i brought my collection up and we did some good trading, he gave me Hawaii and then he got Iowa from the tooth fairy! anyways i had promised him we would take him to the coin store to get him a book to keep all his coins in! it was a hit! So glad i have a 6yr old that shares my same hobbies:)

a week away!!

Look at Little Cy Cy isn't he so sweet and innocent! i begged and pleaded with Jo to let him come home with me, but he likes his mom too much to go without her! but he loves phoenix, and will come play baseball, tennis, basketball and football with Spence and i soon. he is such the little athlete he can throw and catch(almost better than me) and he can hit any pitch thrown to him...he must take after his mom:)
And here is Taylor, just one years old and walking all over the place! It took her a day to realize that i was safe and fun, which was sad but as long as she remembers i am her favorite aunt.

We went swimming with all the kids, josh came down from lehi and we had a blast! the kids went down the slide and Preston was so good helping all the little kids.

Jo and her kids, aren't they cute, i love it when people say Jo and I look alike cause she is gorgeous!

This is a classic gage moment, even as a baby he used his hands to explain things. he just got off the big slide with preston and was telling us all about how awesome it was.