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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

christmas 2011

 i am obviously a little behind in blogging...and i find it the best way to keep up with new things the girls are doing and how big they i'm going to start doing better about journaling all our fun.
so here is christmas...

 spence's parents sent him a mini-remote airplane and he couldn't have been happier..
we had christmas in elk ridge this year and it was a blast. 
lots of fun and food.
 and if you know my dad than you know about his favorite gadget the mini-vac.  so jo and i had to capture a pic with  me using it and cleaning.  my dad loves to vacuum, even on christmas eve and christmas day.

the girls had a fun christmas....we as always went way cheap and got some great hand-me-downs from my sisters.  these are musical book and are a great because the girls love books and signing.

we had a great christmas! we were a little bummed that even though we were in utah 'the greatest snow on earth' but it wasn't a white christmas....maybe next year.
and finally i was able to cash in certificate for a cruise this summer after graduation. 
 (the last 3 christmas', birthdays', and anniversarys' spencer has given me a certificate for a cruise after graduation)  finally i was able to redeem it and we are headed for a major vacation this june!!

Monday, January 23, 2012

ShamrockScholarship Run

Just wanted to let everyone know about the race I am putting together this spring. 
 It will be the perfect race to meet
 everyones New Year resolutions!
  WE are going to have so much FUN running, being wild, and RAISING money for
a Provo High College Scholarship FUND.  We have some great sponsors and could 
use some more!!
if you want to sponsor or donate anything...including money, time, coupons for our 
goodie-bag, or be 
involved in the race expo 
leave me a comment and i'll be in touch.
Follow the link below to register on

Sat. March 17, 2012, 9am
4mile run and 1mile walk
kids 50 meter run FREE!! (no t-shirts)

Foot Printers Park: 1150 S 1350 W Provo

Great Raffle & Prizes for the best GREEN Costume
Come run, have fun, and raise money for a Provo High
College Scholarship….aka pot o’ gold!!
Sponsored by:

WR Brown Foundation&
 Big Five Sporting Goods
Runners ID, Cycling ID, Medical ID Tags Kristie Rosser
Utah Race Guide LogoJ Dawgs BlogFatCatsLogo-NoBackground.jpg
Sweet Treats and More

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

boards O.V.E.R.

boArDs!! PaRT 2!! done and over!!
so how best to celebrate?? 
put the girls to bed and party....well almost we did wax candles and cleaned our ears out! it was so fun...because spence's plate started on fire and we had to dose him down with water to get the flames out!
thanks to all those who sent good-lucks, he does have 2 super cute good luck charms...
spence thinks the test went good.
now on to residency interviews this week in texas...almost done, 7 1/2 years down and 3 1/2 more to go!!

Monday, January 9, 2012

oh the things we do.

 these two love books, their aunt amanda got them started from birth and now they can't stop!!  but i think it runs in the family cause their dad is always studying something boring.:)  and yes the girls love hats...especially quincy for church yesterday i had to be super sneaky and take the hat off just as we were walking into fun.

 poor fritz...its a love hat relationship with the dog...they tease him and play with him all day long!!
 we love hangin' with our cousins and sometimes we have double the trouble with two sets of twins all at once!! owen came over the other day and the girls had a blast
 yelling and running around crazy with a boy just their size.