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Monday, September 30, 2013

a little bit of everything.

 the girls playing together...unfortunately they can no longer sit in the cozy coupe together like they use to but for now they do good about hitching a ride from the side.
 a couple weeks ago we had a church bbq and firework party.
  here spence is with several dad ever!
and watching the fireworks!!

 dancing and dishes! 
the girls are very good at helping out around the house and doing their chores,
especially when there is music on .

 of course a week doesn't go by that we don't get a letter from our best pen-pals in the world,
grandma & pappy. 
this week they sent us a box with new PJ's and coloring books and glitter crayons!
the girls love going to get the mail everyday to see what pappy and grandma has sent, even when its not from them and is just junk mail they still think pappy sent them something special.

 the girls can't get enough of dress up!
 this past week spence had to spend 3nights up at Dallas for a conference,
the girls were so happy to see him saturday morning when they woke up.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013


 Tenley and Quincy started preschool this month and absolutely love it.
here we are carpooling to school with some of our neighbor friends!
there are several preschools in our small town, and this one seems to be the best!
i was really reluctant to sign the girls up for school, but with some complications of this current pregnancy i felt like i would need the break.   however, now that all my problems have subsided (thank goodness for modern medicine) i am actually going to take the girls out of preschool and just homeschool them for now.
but of course we still have to post all the fun they had in september!

 the girls love the school and i think we will re-start them in January when the baby gets here, but for now we are going to save our $$$ and just learn at home.
the girls are a little sad about not going to school, so instead we are going to dance class!!
 they definitely know how to shake it!

 they are learning all sorts of fun techniques from teacher margaret!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Baby #3

I figured I better post something about this baby and pregnancy before the baby gets here!  We found out we were pregnant in late may and had already planned a trip to Colorado and Utah to visit family.  I was planning on staying in Utah for a month to help my dad recover from his 3rd and hopefully final open heart surgery and to work a little.  We had a great time in Colorado and then headed to Moab.  I was quickly reminded that I was pregnant as the nausea hit me hard in Moab…I was ready for some zofran!  We made our way to Utah and we all were so revealed to see my dad recovering from surgery and all the horrible IV antibiotics!  We weren't planning on telling anyone we were pregnant for a couple weeks, just because of my history of miscarriages it’s never too exciting until we make it past 12wks. But I couldn't hide the nausea from my parents and told them we were expecting a baby in early January.  Luckily my dad loaned me some of his zofran until dr dabbling could call some in for me.  We all laughed pretty hard because I came to Utah to help my dad, but after about a week he was taking care of me more than I of him. 

The  pregnancy was going great and we were having a great time in Utah until around 9wks.  I had a huge episode of bleeding. I felt like I had just peed my pants but unfortunately I was bleeding, and bleeding heavily.  The good thing was that I was in great hands.  With my family around and with such great doctors that quickly ordered an ultrasound to see what was going on.  Because I have worked at the OB office for so long I knew it was one of two things, either a miscarriage or a subchorionic hemorrhage.  I was hoping for the latter, even though I knew subchorionic’s have risks and problems.  Thankfully, the ultrasound showed that it was just a small subchorionic bleed.  it’s basically just a small tear within the sac of the uterus, and if the tear doesn't heal it will continue to tear and you will lose the pregnancy.  They don’t know why they happen and really the only treatment is bed rest to allow the tear to completely heal.  I was more than devastated to hear that I would be on bed rest. 

I immediately had horrible Post-traumatic stress memories of being on bed rest for over 4months with the twins.  The bed rest was hard, but the recovery was more than brutal.  And i mentally didn't know if i would be able to handle bed rest again.  I had really hoped that this pregnancy would be different from the twins.  i knew that it might not be easy, but i thought i would at least be able to stand and walk, anything is better than laying in bed all day everyday.  It was also a little tricky  because spencer was back in texas working an ER rotation that he couldn't take any leave from, and i was instructed to lay in bed for at least 2 wks while the bleed healed.  It was hard being apart, but we knew we were doing what was right for this pregnancy. 

And to make matters more complicated about 2 1/2 years ago i got diagnosed with ulcertive colitis.  A bowel disease that is really painful and hard to treat.  And for me i seem to have flare ups of the disease when i am stressed or i over exercise.  With the news that this pregnancy was going to be difficult i couldn't help but stress out, which then cause my bowels to cramp and become painful and then make the pregnancy more at risk.  So i was having a really rough start to this pregnancy and was really worried that things wouldn't turn out with a successful chubby 40wk baby. 

Thankfully i was in great hands with my family.  my dad who was recovering from open heart surgery who i initially came to help him recover, took the girls under his wings and took excellent care of them.  Even Jo's little 10yr old Gage came over to help babysit the twins while i laid helpless on the couch.  Needless to say, our 1 month vacation to Utah ended up being a 10wk stay-cation.  My GI doctors and my OB doctors were able to work together to get me on the best medications to calm my bowels, but not harm the pregnancy.  It was a long, emotional, and challenging couple of weeks.  Finally we got the news that the tear had held and my bowels had calmed down enough so we could head home.  I was nervous to leave all the great support of my family, but knew it would be too hard to be away from spencer the whole pregnancy.  

Grandma Debbie was willing to drive us all the way to texas because i was still have some minor complications with my bowel disease and needed to lay down most of the drive.  so after a 3 day drive we finally made it home to texas.  

after several doctors appts and several adjustments in medication and several answered prayers the baby and i am doing great!  we had a really rough couple of weeks but since about 18wks everything has been going great!  i still can't do too much activity, i had to quit my spin teaching job at the gym which was really hard.  but i constantly remind myself i can't be too greedy, all i want is a healthy baby in january.  even if that means i gain 85lbs again, and can't do most of the things i enjoy it will all be worth it in just a few months.  so thank you to all those that prayed, and helped with the girls.  i feel so grateful to have such wonderful friends and family that no matter what, they always come through when needed.  

the baby is due January 11, and to spencer's greatest desire and ultimate wish, we aren't going to find out the gender.  He has always wanted to be surprised at delivery, and since this will probably be our last baby, i figure i better let him enjoy it as much as he can.  though all the grandmas and aunts are dying to know, there will be a lot of excitement and probably panic when the baby arrives.

Tenley and Quincy are so excited to have little baby CC soon.  (Since we don't know the gender we are calling the baby CC, since tenley was baby A, Quincy was baby B, its only fitting that this baby be baby C.)  The twins are are getting a little practice with our friends baby, isabelle.  tenley loves holding her and even sings songs, it is so sweet!  they girls have adjusted really well to the fact that mommy can't carry them, or run, or swing, or jump with them.  they are pretty understanding and it amazes me how flexible they really are.  

I am getting extra huge, as i seem to do when pregnant.  its amazing what happens when i stop exercising....all the treats add up fast and so do the pounds.  the baby is growing great and doing really well. spencer finally felt CC kick and i love feeling the baby move around, that is my favorite part.  I am very grateful to be pregnant and to have come this far.  I also am very grateful that we are only having 1 baby this time.  I know that eventually i will get huge and uncomfortable, but right now i can still lay on my back, and sides.  it was right around this time with the girls i no longer could lay on my sides because it would squish a baby, so i could never get comfortable or sleep.  but so far i'm sleeping good and breathing fine!

i'll try to update more on this baby....poor thing hasn't really even been mentioned and we are 5months along. thanks again for all the prayers and encouragement!

Monday, September 9, 2013

san antonio

 on the way home from the beach/corpus chrisit we stopped and stayed the night in San Antonio.
we were having so much fun in corpus christi that we didn't arrive in san antonio until 9pm so we didn't do much but it sure seems like a fun city.

 here we all are on the famous riverwalk boat ride.  we actually caught the very last boat of the night.
the boat ride takes you around the downtown area on the river that flows through town.  it was a great way to see the city.

 and of course we had to visit the alamo....well it was closed but we at least got a picture to prove we were there!  look at all the orbs in the picture...a little creepy, and in fact across the street from the alamo they have 'ripley's believe it or not' san antonio's haunted tour! next time for sure.
we had a great time with grandma and grandpa! best trip ever!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Corpus Christi aquarium

on our way home from the beach we stopped at corpus christi and visited the aquarium!
the girls had a blast seeing all the animals up and close!

the girls anxiously awaiting the dolphin show!
and yes it was a little hot and sweaty.

touching the sting rays!
a little of the exciting tricks the dolphins did!
we had a great time, but next time i think we will go to sea world!

Friday, September 6, 2013

port aransas beach

while spencer's parents were in town we decided to take a well needed vacation!
we drove 4hrs to the beach and settled in a little town called port aransas.
it was small and simple but we had plenty of fun!
the girls loved sleeping in the hotel and next to their daddy!
the beach and waves were perfect, we stayed and played all day!
 grandma and grandpa don't ever get time off, so it was nice for them to have a little time away from work and church to spend time together and with us!
 when we started to eat lunch we were quickly swarmed by countless seagulls!
they were a little too friendly, we even hand fed them by holding up a cracker in the air and they would swoop down and grab it.
even little quincy tried!

 the girls loved the water and weren't shy at all about the waves!
spencer told the girls to run like baywatch and they girls thought it was so funny!

 and of course it isn't a beach party without a little bum showing...
quincy kept losing her britches. 

 the next day the boys decided to rent kayaks and head out into the wild ocean.
 the girls even went for a quick ride.

when the seagulls got a little annoying we told the girls to go catch them,
they chased the birds for a long time!
after a long day at the beach it was time to head in town and look around
and we found the worlds largest shark!

thankfully it wasn't real, but the girls loved climbing in it!

and it isn't quite summer or vacation without a big ice cream cone.
of course quincy got pappy's ice cream (aka vanilla) 
we ate at a restaurant right on the beach and this is spence giving a big thumbs up to the great fodd!