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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

a bunch of stuff

 grandma debbie and CeCe.  the two red heads.

 on memorial day salido a small town near by hand a water party.  it was open to the whole town, but really  the only people who came were from our church. the kids loved it!

 don't worry that's spence with 3 young kids who can't a the river.
there was also a giant alligator water trampoline! super fun

 ms CeCe is growing up fast.  she has been rolling over since 3months and now thinks she wants to start rocking on all fours...i keep ignoring her urge to crawl, trying to keep her a baby as long as i can. 

 we also attended the podiatry graduation!
we said good bye and good luck to all the 3rd year residence as they now move on to the real world with real jobs and all sorts of new exciting things. 
it was a great dinner and had a roast, where they made fun of all the graduating residents and some of the attendings. spence was the MC and did a great job, he had us all laughing!!
it was a fun night.  and the reality set in that this is our last year!
i can't believe that we are in year 6/7! its exciting that things are coming to an end, but also nerve racking to figure out where spence will get a job and where we will move to next. 
if you know of any podiatry opening let us know!
 one thing we will definitely miss about texas is the amazing rain and thunderstorms.
so when it rains we put on our swim suits and dance in the rain!
quincy loved it, tenley was sick so her, CeCe and i sat and watched Q dance and run in the rain. 
gotta love the warm rain storms here. 

Saturday, June 21, 2014

adventures with our cousins

a visit to utah isn't the same without going to thanksgiving point. 
and luckily our cousins and the nelson's were able to come with us. 
these girls love pony rides! and they can do it all by themselves now.
we packed a pic nic and went to the garden's at thanksgiving point.
we had a minor emergency while there...
see the picture below, shortly after i took it, i yelled across the water to tell them they were too close, and in a blink quincy had fallen in the water!
it was a huge drop off so she went completely under, did i mention she can't swim.
i was across the stream on the other side and started running over....but i wasn't going to get there in time.
luckily and thankfully reese who is 9 was smart and brave and just jumped in after her to save her.
it was so scary. i always have dreams of people drowning and this was way too close of a call. 
quincy was soaking wet, cold and scared.  luckily a nice mom saw what happened and let us barrow a blanket to wrap her up in after we took off all her wet clothes.  i felt like a horrible mom to let this happen, it seems the bad stuff always happens in the one moment you aren't right by them.  
water scares me, so this summer learning to swim is top priority!

we also made a trip to the provo rec center. that place is more than amazing, its like Disneyland for kids and adults, there is so much fun to be had. 
we swam, and the girls loved the rock wall, they take after their mama...i mean dad.

we love all our cousins!
and our big cousins are so nice to play with the twins, they treat them like royalty.
sometimes its hard because q&t want to go to pappy's or to jo's house but they don't really understand that it takes us two days driving in the car to get there...
maybe someday we will be able to move back closer.
gage who is 11, let tenley play with him all the time.  she was his little shadow.

dancing and singing is what they do best!

grandma rainbow and pappy have a karaoke machine!
the girls loved singing and dancing...they are super stars!

always dancing!
and they love reading with their big cousins!

big sister's helping the baby!