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Thursday, October 28, 2010

twice the fun

to those who said that twins were twice the fun....
you're totally right.
i love how you can here Tenley laugh at Quincy

Thursday, October 21, 2010


i can't believe were here already!! 6months old! its so hard to believe that we went from no kids to two all at once, and from two itty bitty tiny babies to two chubby girls growing up so fast and making us laugh so much each day!
remember these days?? oh so sweet. little Q weighin in at a whoopin 4#10 and her older sister a whole pound bigger at 5#11.

back when they could share a crib, side by side,
now they can't even share a room cause they wake each other up.
we have totally joined that group of people that continually say,"they grow up so fast!" and its cause they really do!

look at us now!!
we had our 6month appt on saturday and just like every parent its so fun to see how much they have grown. Tenley naked and all, weighs in at 17lbs 8oz 97% for both ht and wt, not too bad for a babe that started out in life at 20%.
and quincy weighed in at 14lb 8oz 46% for wt and 85%for ht. but again not so bad for a girl who at birth started on the chart at a meager 4%. there is a big difference between them 3lbs exactly, but only a half inch in ht. quincy doesn't really like the bottle at all, spence and i joke that while in the womb she was use to starving and not eating much at all (because of her cord and placenta problems) so she is used to getting by with less, and just hasn't found the joy of eating quite yet. we're hoping when we start eating solids she'll dive right in and eat to her hearts desire.
i can honestly say, these girls make me so happy. and looking at their pictures from birth and the early days makes me realize how crazy all this has been. to be honest the first 3months with the girls were so hard i never thought i would simply be able to just sit back and enjoy them, but i think we have finally made it there.

every night before i go to bed its their sweet faces that pop in my head to help me have sweet dreams, and at the dentist last week when i was getting my face drilled off, it was their faces i pictured to get me through the pain of the dentist, and each morning even when its 5am and i was praying they would sleep til 6a cause i literally just went to bed, i love seeing their sweet faces starring back at me, and somehow they love seeing mine, and their smiles...their smiles can stop traffic lets just say that.
i can't get enough of their naked bums, they are so cute and chubby!!
sunday's are really the one day that all of us get ready, the girls in their best(thanks aunt kristie r. for the outfits) and me somehow finding something that might fit. but we get ready just in time and the girls love seeing all the faces at church, it gets a little crazy sometimes trying to manage two babies at church all by yourself but i have been really lucky to have ladies in relief society help hold a baby, 3hrs of church is hard let alone when you have 2 babies that are tired but you can't hold both of them...i have no idea what i'm going to do when they get more mobile...
start saying a pray for us now:)

we have come so far in just 6months its exciting to think about what the next 6months will bring. but for now i'm going to sit back as much as i can and enjoy them for the wonderful babies they are, and be ever so thankful that they are healthy, strong and simply being babies.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

some happenin's..

girls getting ready for church, holdin' hands and sayin' " you look so cute, you really you do.." ha ha they look the same:)

have to give my friend jaime s. a shout out!! this twin thing is gonna be so fun, savanah will be there ready to help and boss em' around:) so excited for you and of course i'm saying some major prayers too...cause it does get a little crazy sometimes and no one understands the craziness unless they have twins so i'll be there for you!! i have to just tell myself sometimes that it takes a really special person to be lucky enough to randomly get two at a time, and if Heavenly Father thought i was special enough than by goodness i can do it, and you will too.
could this little bum get any cuter...manda this is for you.
and of course some well needed papa time. spence's first day of clinicals he had to steal some good luck from his true good luck charm babies.:) oh how they love seeing him come through the door at night...i don't know who is more excited me or them. ok its me.:)
cuddlin' while we can, Q is our little mover and a groover she rarely holds still.
ps, love ms T chillin in the back ground notice the bottles and the mess...thats what we do.
and of course our crazy weather, hell the size of golf balls and baseballs, thunder lightning, and massive rain. it flooded our street and the ducks came from all over to enjoy it! poor ms T didn't really like all the thunder and the sound of the hell hitting the roof. good thing papa was home to calm her down.

anyways thats some news with us. the girls are doing good. still not big on sleeping, we have our days some good and some bad, and our nights are still a little wild...but i guess thats just what happens when there is two you get up to help/feed/change bums at least twice as much.
i think now that they are almost 6months i've finally got the twin thing under control:)..
spence is enjoying his first rotation, and scrubbed in for his first surgery(he'll be mad cause he didn't want me to post anything...too bad) he did some stitching and other cool stuff that i can't pronounce the name of. its nice to see him able to enjoy what he is doing so many years of sitting behind a desk its nice to be getting his hands dirty....literally.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

to eat or not to eat...

Q after her first hair cut!! love those blue blue eyes
but i love these brown, brown, brown eyes too!
what is it this time mom?! we're busy:)
some more chatting, these girls love each other....

we decided to give rice cereal a try yesterday, needless to say it was really comical for spence and i. we laughed and laughed at the sour faces the babes kept making, neither new exactly what to do with it. Q actually seemed to almost enjoy it...almost is the key word.
T, what a mess, we totally caked the girls with the stuff (word to the wise rice cereal if not wiped off quickly turns to paste) the bath water after was seriously a little brown.
we do a lot of sucking on each other, sucking arms/hands/feet/face:)
this is a total capture of what happens during the day, Q is talking and being wild and T looks at her like seriously?!?!?! sometimes i think they are talking about how to escape out of here they're in kahoots together and planning something big i just don't know what it is yet...i think they discuss who's turn it is to not sleep so their mom won't get any rest....not nice.
and this, this is huge!!! some of spences notes from the first year, he went through these over and over and over the past 2 years, so if you were wondering what spence has done in the last 2yrs its read all this stuff, memorize and then be tested on it! its funny cause these are only the notes he decided he wouldn't be needing anymore. i can't believe all the studying he has done and how proud we are of him.
ps, he has his last test tuesday and then he starts clinicals, so we'll almost be a normal family with a dad that leaves at 7ish and comes home at 6ish but weekend are finally all ours!! and most importantly when he's home he is home no more lockin himself in his office to study the night away.
hip hip hooray!!!