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Friday, September 17, 2010


I am completely late with posting these pictures...they were taken way back when the girls were only 8wks old. our family friend took the pics for us (this was her first twin photo shoot, you can see all here amazing stuff she did a great job. needless to say we had missed the cuddly, calm, sleepy baby stage and at least one baby was crying the whole 3hr photo shoot, its hard taking pics of babies let alone two babies at the same time.
i can't get enough of these pics and how chubby and beautiful they are
...we love these girls so so so much.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

a little bit o mexico!l

last weekend some super generous friends invited us to come down and stay at their amazing mansion on the beach of santo tomas, mexico. it was amazing. the babes had their first crossing the boarder experience and it went rather smoothly.
here is a view from the beach to the amazing house we stayed in. it was so amazing to be just footsteps from the beach. and since our 3rd anniversary came and went in august while we were in alamosa, we decided to just count this as our anniversary getaway.
the amazing calm ocean...amy and lucy body boarding.
Tenley a little tired from all the fun in the sun and the 4wheeler rides.
and our super pal face quincy had a blast, she really enjoyed the ocean.
spencer enjoying a fast ride on the 4wheeler...just the good old boys...he definitely was able to enjoy some speed and some sand dune jumps...classic spencer:)

two red heads enjoying a walk on the beach.
we had a blast in mexico can't wait to head down again. we won't forget the fun 4wheeler rides with me on the back holding both babies...mofia and how spence can't tell a good lie...the babes not sleeping at all...the wonderful sun...spence loosing the camera as he kayaked with the dolphins. thanks newells for letting us tag along it was simply amazing.