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Friday, January 31, 2014


tenley's face says it all. these girls were so excited to meet their new sister!
when they walked into the room i thought they would run up to me because i hadn't seen them in such a long time. but all they said is, 'where's the baby?' they didn't care about me but, were so anxious to meet cece.

so sweet to see them love her so much already.

spencer did a great job of taking care of everyone while i was in the hospital.  and thank goodness for amazing friends who didn't hesitate to watch the twins for us.
headed home...look how small she is.  its crazy that quincy and tenley were even smaller!

Monday, January 27, 2014

Its a ....

 Girl!!! Welcome Baby Cece!
5;30pm Tues Jan 14, 2014
7lbs 10oz
18 1/2 inches
cecilia marie mortensen
Tuesday i started having a lot of contractions and kept thinking they would go away if i changed positions or if i ate lunch or if i sat here instead of there, but they didn't calm down.  after about 2hrs of contractions every 3min i decided i better head to the hospital and get checked to see what was going on. the girls were at their preschool play group, so i hopped in the car and drove myself to the hospital.  i promptly called my sister Jo to get some words of encouragement and to confirm i wasn't just being crazy that i really was in labor.  i checked into labor and delivery around 12:30 and then called spence.  he was in the OR doing surgery so i had to call the OR room and tell the nurse to tell him that his wife was in labor and to walk over to L&D.  thankfully he got the message and he came right over...of course after he finished the procedure, luckily they were finishing when i called.
at L&D they monitored me for 40min and i was showing constant contractions every 2 1/2 min.  i was definitely in labor.  our cell phones wouldn't get any reception so we couldn't call anyone to give updates...that was hard.  i wanted to share in the excitement but couldn't contact anyone.
luckily our great friends here in texas kept the girls for the day.
by 4pm it was determined that i was in true labor...since i was still contracting every 2 1/2 minutes on the dot.  i was dilated to 4+ so it was really happening today, baby C would be arriving 2 days earlier!  by 5pm i was taken down to get a spinal block all while still having constant contractions.
because spence is a resident at the hospital he was able to come along with me every where which was really nice.  normally they don't let husbands in the room until the procedure is about to start.  it was nice to not be alone in the OR.
my anesthesiologist was great spence did a great job comforting me.  its the weirdest thing to lay strapped to a table while someone literally opens your belly up.  kinda freaky.
by 5:30 baby C made HER first appearance into the world. spence was the first to see if it was a boy or girl and he shouted out that it was a GIRL! it was a very special moment.  most our friends and family were rooting for team blue, but spence and i always felt like it was going to be a girl.
now the house is over loaded with princess!
CeCe had swallowed some meconium and had to be suctioned out for quite awhile, but after that she was in perfect condition.
i took another 45min getting sewn back together, it was a little more complicated this time because i had such horrific scar tissue.  but everything went really well.
Spence and i had decided that if the baby was a boy he would be named William and if it was a girl she would keep the name we have been calling her all along CeCe.

walking back to the OR.

 spence did this same pose when we had the twins.

 trying to not show how nervous i was.
 our nurse was amazing and actually took some pictures for us.
this time was so different then when the twins were born.  everyone was calm and it was quite almost too quite. but it made it so we could enjoy the experience this time.
 sleeping on the job already.

so CeCe and i were wheeled into the recovery room and they actually bathe the baby right next to you so the mom and baby aren't separated which is really cool.
finally by 10pm were were taken to our post partum room to get some well needed rest.
i felt so lucky to have friends that watch our kids all day for us.  spence was able to head home and take care of the girls and they all came and visited me in the hospital the next morning!
she is super cute....and we can't decide who she looks more alike, tenley? Quincy? or me?

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

christmas day!!

 this year we had a Texas Christmas with just the 4 of us!
we had a great time and tried to keep all the traditions going, like PJ's and taco's on christmas eve.

happy faces on christmas morning!
this year we actually got to play santa and spence and i both had a great time! Christmas is sure better when you can celebrate with kids, they are happy with anything!

 christmas is amazing when you get scooters and princess crowns!

i think quincy opened 3/4 of the presents, because tenley would get distracted and just want to play with whatever she opened.  
 new barbies...the girls have been playing with hand me down barbies that are missing limbs and chewed on my various animals.  it was nice to get a brand new one and throw the old ones away. 
 baskets for our bikes...and santa really splurged and got new big girl car seats!!!
 what a mess!
 the mortensen's have a tradition of eating pork chops and bisquits for breakfast christmas morning.
spence did a great job cooking and the girls loved every bite!
they love meat off the bone...grosses me out!

 daddy putting the baskets together... can't really tell who is more excited.
we had a great christmas together and i was really special to see the girls excitement with everything!

Monday, January 6, 2014

santa party

the hospital spencer works for had a surgical residency party for christmas so i took the girls to meet santa and have some really good food.
unfortunately the only santa the girls want to get close is this guy...a fake santa.
the girls are just a little nervous about santa, maybe next year will be different. 
they love frosty and all the christmas trees decorated with lights!
the month of decemeber was filled with so many wonderful activities.  it makes me actually start to like christmas!