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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

bucket list

 if anyone knows my family, they know that we come from a family of runners! it all started with my dad running, then it seemed that everyone followed. i didn't start running until after high school, and now i mostly run as a healthy hobby and to just keep up with the rest of my family.
tonight Jo and I checked something off our bucket list.

just last weekend at the ogden marathon i said that i wanted to meet DEAN KARNAZES and jo said to me, "your wish is my command" and bam 
tonight we not only met him but we ran 3.1 miles with him too!
i was so caught up in running with him that i PR and ran a 7:45mile! thats was celebrities do to you, they make you run fast.
 me trying to get as close to DEAN as i could, with jo running along side snapping pictures!

 yes, i am happy and the overly too huge smile on my face says it all!!!
we also had him sign our sports bras!.,, no just our books, and posters. but Dean is an amazing athlete and it was so so so cool to meet him.  Dean is known as the healthiest and most fit man on earth....he has run 50marathon in50states in 50days! so freaking cool, and he was just in Utah for the night as he was making his way to capital hill washington DC to meet with the first lady Mrs. Obama regarding obesity.  this was one of the coolest nights ever! thanks jo for going with me, thanks spence for watching the twins so i could go, and thank you Heavenly Father for letting me be healthy enough to RUN!

Sunday, May 27, 2012


 these girls are getting so big! and so grown up!
they are so beautiful, i love being a mom, and being able to laugh and play with them all day.
i love being able to have them run up to me when i've been gone, 
and have them yell for me to come! come!
i love them! i love them! i love them!
i love that i am able to be their mom.

Friday, May 25, 2012

ogden marathon

 My amazing sister and brother in law ran the ogden marathon last weekend.  they both did so awesome and i was lucky enough to go watch them run!! it was fun watching them run and have all of their hard work and training pay off. 
 i only cried a couple of times....there is something about marathons and how you push yourself to the limit...and just when you think you can't go any farther, you somehow do.  i have done 4 marathons and i don't have any itch or desire to do another one anytime soon....they are too exhausting! 
 me at mile 24 i ran the last 2miles with jo, i was so worried i wouldn't be able to keep up with her....even though she had already ran 24miles...she is in killer shape!

 the crew!! at 4:45am race day!
 this is jo's 4th marathon but the first time her kids have ever seen her run and finish!! it was so special for them to be there and see how strong their mama is!!
and of course the post-meal dinner....

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

fun in the sun

 the girls are at a really fun stage in life, they love running and playing, and jumping and going down slides...FAST! is what they say.  i grew up playing at this park too, so it is so fun coming back and bring our girls to play on my old stomping grounds.
 we have made it to a couple 'chrisman' baseball games, 
and just like me the girls go for the snacks and the sun.

 we love playing together, especially with daddy,....somehow he always seems to have enough energy to play with the girls. 

 here is reese in action...she is a great softball player, 
but we are just using it as a stepping stone for volleyball. 
we also went to the mapleton baseball parade last weekend, but spencer took our camera with him to texas as he was apartment shopping for no pictures but the girls had a great time and waved at all the players in the parade.
this summer has already been one to remember

Monday, May 14, 2012

i love you mom!

i saw this commercial while i was running at the gym last week, and i literally started to cry.
i really want my mom to know how special and amazing she is to me.  i am lucky enough to talk to my mom everyday and i do tell her everything...but i think sometimes she forgets how amazing she truly is.  someday, i hope that my girls feel the same way about me.
i love you mom, grandma pink/black/brown, reba, yo mama, i really love you.