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Monday, June 7, 2010


Spence got a whopping 2wks off from school so we decided to live it up as much as we can, i loved having the help with the babies and simply having spencer around without the stress of school and tests. We headed to colorado for Justin's graduation....both of us were super nervous about the 12hr drive with 2 little babies, but somehow we made it and the drive wasn't too bad. thanks grandma and grandpa chrisman for the night stay in farmington...what would we have done without you.
spence drove the whole trip and i sat in the back with the babes making sure they enjoyed the ride...don't worry they never asked, "are we there yet" that famous question will
come soon enough i'm sure of it.
so here are some pics to recap our break...we had a blast and i'm still in denial that spence has to go back to school.:(
the cousins, tenley, owen (kristy & bretts little big guy 3months), and quincy all hanging out
owen couldn't have been happier with two girls in his arms:)

spence and the boys went and played some home run durby, nothing can beat the alamosa summers perfect sunny days and highs in the 70's-80's...way better than here in AZ with the low if we're lucky being 80.
Tenley and her big brown eyes and double chin of course.
Quincy JoJo enjoy Grandma Bebbie for the week, it was suppose to be a quick trip to Alamosa for Justin's graduation but we ended up staying 8days instead. its amazing how big the girls have grown already!! i think the clean air and high altitude helped.

and yes, tummy time even while on vacation, aunt amanda would be proud
great grandma sally and tenly having a great time together...sharing secrets of course.
the whole fam...with 3new grandkids just this year

aunt kristy showed us the super swaddle or as we like to call it the straight jacket ....seriously no baby can escape this, its amazing!!
and of course some well needed cuddle time with quincy and grandma sally
spence home for 2wks with no school, tests, clinics etc, us girls had him all to ourselves!!
only he can double time it like this...i still can't believe we have 2 babies its crazy!
a little golf
and of course me and the babes tagged along for a nice morning walk.

we had a great spring 2yr boards await....i guess school never ends...