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Friday, February 22, 2013

Back With a VENGEANCE!
i took a year hiatious, but now i'm back
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Its time again to start Blogging about Fitness & Food!
With so many Friend and Clients from the Gym its time to start up a great resource for everyone to find an at home exercises and of course some food to replenish with!
Movement Mondays!
Foodie Fridays!
I'll also keep you posted with on goings at the GYM

Monday, February 11, 2013

Grandma pink valentine!!

 going to the mail box has been the highlight of just about everyday!  with all the letters from pappy and grandma sending us BIG packages.  the girls ripped open the package and went through each item and immediately put on the dresses, played with the toys, and wanted to eat all the candy!  luckily they got distracted with the dress and new dinner plates i was able to hide the candy hearts that were in spanish!
we are in texas so everything needs to be in english and spanish, but don't worry they still taste the same.

i took the girls for a walk and to feed some city horses.  the horses must have been really hungry and curious because they weren't shy at all, and neither was quincy.
this is her literally giving him a kiss! so cute, my heart melted.  i wish we could get a little pet for the girls....someday.
and of course Ms. T is more timid just like her mom, she didn't get too close, but finally we convinced her to at least pet his nose!  she was so proud of herself after she did it!
it's still beautiful weather, so took a nice long walk and the girls push the stroller.  wish i had a stroller that  was my size so i could sit back and relax and let them take me for a stroll!

preschool and a little yard work

 a couple families in our neighborhood are doing a co-op preschool.  There are 6kids and we rotate around each tuesday for a 2hr preschool.  Each mom takes a turn teaching and it is so nice for the girls to have school each week!
 its my first time being a preschool teacher, thank goodness for the internet and people with great ideas!
this week we will do the letter S and i'm Super excited to see how the kids like my ideas! 

we also have been doing a little yard work around here! racking leaves and prepping for a small garden.  i'm excited to see if anything grows, and the girls love planting their garden.  ( I gave them a little section that they keep planting all sorts of things from acorns to leaves and rocks)
 i remember when i was little my dad would lift me up and let me jump on all the leaves to stomp them down so more would fit in the truck or trash can.  so i couldn't help but have our girls do the same.  they loved jumping!  and this was the first and last time i have worn my big down coat in texas!
its starting to warm up around here, and yes their were a couple days in January that the AC was on!
its gonna be a hot sumer!