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Monday, June 29, 2009


THE diamond back game! fun to go out and be together...we laughed hard and remembered one of our first dates together cause it was at an owls game....

Spence being Spence, we had ok but right up close to left field so we could see everything!
Us in the new car! it is so nice, the car doesn't even shake when the AC is on which is awesome especially cause we live in AZ

Cold stone coupons...i got cotton candy and spence got butterfinger...he makes fun of me cause i still eat treats like i'm 5yrs old.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

happy fathers day! a couple days late

Spencer and I have been talking about trying to blog about all sorts of stuff and eventually in years to come looking back at all the fun memories we published on our personal blog. I wanted to post the letter I sent to my dad for fathers day(AND A NEW LAWNMOWER that he loves thanks to all the sibs who went in on the gift)...1) so he and I can look at it whenever 2) so in years to come i will know i told my dad i loved him.

Dear Dad;
It breaks my heart to say this but this is really the first Father’s Day in 28 and ½ years that I will be unable to spend the day with you. Wow, you never really know how much you will miss people till you are gone for a day, a week, and then a month and now it’s been several months and sometimes I find myself having a hard time even swallowing without my sweet Dad near my side. Times are hard, and times are good, if anything I have learned from you to keep smiling no matter what outside circumstances are occurring, or what worldly thing is trying to pull me down. I love you so much!!
You and I have shared many things together, many long painful runs, and many long runs that we simply talked about life, many dinners, many laughs, and many experiences from a hospital room to recovery, from the joy of good news and from the heart ache of sorrow. In all I can definitely say, we have shared. We have shared life together, we have shared memories and we have been there for each other when one of us needed a friend. Our relationship feels like closest of friends, honestly best friends because we have no secrets between us.
I am grateful to have been able to have a father like you, a father who thinks about me, who worries for me, who loves me, who has worked hard, so unimaginably hard to provide for me. A father, a father of mine to have now and forever.
You have always been there for me when I needed you, and unfortunately I feel that this time in your life, right now, you could really use me, and I’m not there. I’m not a doorstep away; I’m not even a 10min drive away. You are battling for your life right now, and I’m not at your side to help you fight and win once again. Win again because for the past 4years you have been battling for your physical health and have been winning. I am so sorry that I am not there; right now I know you are saying to yourself she is worried for nothing, that you are doing fine. But you are my Dad and I want to be there just like you have been there for me, I am grateful that distance hasn’t made our relationship difficult, yes I can’t just pop in to say hello anymore, but I want you to know that I am still hear for you, and I will always be, no matter the miles between us.
Over the past years I have always been able to write my feelings and inspiring thoughts down, and you one of my closest of friend has always enjoyed them and expressed to me that you like them and for some of them you have even posted on your wall. And that means a lot to me, it really does, this year I couldn’t write anything because I am too emotional, and had to revert to the computer because my tears kept wetting the page so much that the ink would all run together. Dad I just want to let you know that even though I am not next door (which really breaks my heart, who knew that leaving the nest would be so hard,) I really know what it feels like to truly miss someone now, because I miss you everyday more and more.
I love you Dad, and I hope you have a happy father’s day, because as a father you have truly succeeded! I love you, and hope to someday be able to have children and raise them the way you have raised me. Thanks for all you do for Spencer and I, we are lucky to have you in our lives.
I love you. I want you to know that you are the bravest person I have ever bet, and that our Heavenly Father is so extremely pleased with all that you have done.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

at last, at last, dreams do come true

What do you say when finally your dream job comes true???!!! well I said:
yeah! holy coyote! horray! FINALLY! yeeha! Rock on!!!
and a few jumps and screams to go with it!!!!
I am so excited I got hired at 24hour fitness,
thats right the same 24hour fitness that KILLER trainer Jillian from the biggest loser works at,
the same gym that I've been dreaming of working at
pretty much my whole life and finally it happened.
It has been a long process to do all the paper work, but after my audition and classes finally coming available that work with my schedule I am a 24hr fitness employee!!
I taught my first class last Tuesday and it rocked! It was so much fun and I loved every minute of it. I get off my "real 40hr a wk" job and cruise over to the gym
and teach water aerobics to a huge number of clients.
water aerobics is huge here in AZ, I guess there is something for every town.
I can't wait to add more classes to my schedule and someday, I would love to quit my other job and be a gym rat and get paid for it.
Hooray for dreams, hooray for dedications, hooray hooray hooray!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Hasta Luego,Sianara, Tchau, and Goodbye

Sometime between 9:30pm Tuesday evening and 7:45am Wednesday morning, some idiot stole our vehicle, stole our one source of motorized transportation, our little 1997 Honda Accord. My first reaction was to think that someone was playing a joke on us, but that reaction slowly turned into a wish, and then instantly it became a stark reality- someone stole our car while we were sleeping. We spent all wednesday morning talking to police department and our insurance company and then trying to figure out how we'd get to school and work. The police officer handling our case (we thought about asking him for a ride) said chances of actually finding our car are slim to none; it's either in Mexico now or already been stripped of it parts and abandoned. Luckily, a friend was able to lend us a car and until we figured out what we wanted to do, thanks JJ. After short deliberation and making our peace with the stolen vehicle, Carly and I decided to purchase a car. We found a couple options we liked, test drove em, and made an offer on one of them. The seller eventually met us at our offer and we made the deal. Lucky for Carly, she now will be driving her dream car, a Nissan Xterra, for the rest of her life or until it is run into the ground. I personally don't know how to feel about the new ride, I'm mad that I have to drive it knowing it's at the cost of a good dependable, paid for vehicle. Oh well, that's life I guess. So here's to the accord that served us so well- goodbye, and welcome under unfortunate circumstances, our new/used Xterra- and shortly to a brand new car alarm.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Kelly Clarkson

Feeling bummed out...why cause
two of my best friends are going to see our favorite singer in the whole wide world!! thats right Kelly frantastic Clarkson! she is in concert this week in Utah and Jo and Heather are going...can we say jealous! they called and said they wanted to go and they were gonna get tickets, but when I RSVP that I wouldn't be able to go I thought the party was over....but they still got tickets!! I am super excited to hear all about the concert and how awesome
MS. Kelly Clarkson is in ReAl LiFe!!
Have fun girls and sing loud for fact get called up on stage...and I expect great pictures!
mean while Kai and I will have our own jam session at home.

Saturday, June 6, 2009


For the past two weeks Carly and I have been enjoying what we called in a previous life as "normal" but which has now become known as "the good life." The former life of being able to spend time with Carly whenever and however we chose and to simply enjoy her company dissappeared with the start of school and for the past 9 months has been greatly missed. I completed the 1st year of Med school and with that came a well deserved two week break. All of my family, mom, dad, and Justin in Colorado and Kristy and Brett in Utah, came into town for the 1st weekend of the break to bless Tyler's baby boy Crew. It was great to see everybody together and to hang out and enjoy time together at the water park, tennis, bbq and for their support. Topping it off with Crew's blessing was a great start. Then it was on to to Utah to visit Carly's family. I loved leaving the Phoenix heat and feeling the cold crisp mornings once again. It made me realize how much I miss the seasons. While in Utah I got in some fishing (mainly helping Gage and Reese), a round of golf, and some sound sleep since the cat that wakes me up every two hours was back in Phoenix. Carly got in some shopping and most of all dearly missed time with her parents, sisters and their children. We even managed a backyard campout w/ smores and an outdoor movie, thanks Jo, Jed, Josh. But soon enough our time in Utah ended and the gut-wrenching good-bye ceremonies commenced.......for the girls that is. To ease the transition to life back in Phoenix, we camped a night in Sedona and spent the following morning playing in Slide Rock State Park- Carly even jumped in. Once back in Phoenix, Carly started work again on Wednesday and since then we've been trying to get in fun at every turn. This break has been by far the best one we've had since moving to Phoenix. But before I finish up, I wanted to say thank you to Carly- I love you dearly and am gratefull for the sacrifices which you have made in order for me to pursue my career. Thank you for all your love and support. I couldn't have made through this 1st year w/out you.