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Sunday, August 28, 2011

bear lake....a little late

 we had a fun road/talent show while we were up at bear lake.  its actually my favorite thing to do...some people don't get into it...but it is so fun to just let loose and have fun lip signing to your favorite song.
here is the cast:
 little mermaid: gotta kiss the girl

david bowie: dance magic dance
cyndi lauper: girls just wanna have fun. 
with 5 sisters, and 11 grand-girls browns do just wanna have fun all the time!
 sonny and cher: i got you babe
 john travolta and olivia newton john: your the one want!
 ursila: your voice!
 and of course a little justin bieber and bruno mars.
spence and i are already planning next years routine!!

fierce, fabulous and forty!!!

 a couple weeks ago my sister kristie turned the magical number 40!! she told us she just wanted a quite day with paul and her kids...but we knew better!!! so we put together an amazing surprise party with good healthy food, fun, and lots of laughter!  
we pulled out some of her pictures from birth to recent.
she is such an amazing person, and it was so fun reading all the newspaper articles featuring her and her record breaking cross country and track. 10:03 2mile record that still holds as a UT high school record.
 the girls and of course the fierce and fabulous kristie herself
 happy birthday kris!! it was so fun planning everything and seeing how excited you were for everything.  paul helped me compile a movie with pictures of still makes me cry. 
 i hope this next year is great thanks for letting us celebrate with you!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

happy anniversary!

happy anniversary spence.  i figured the best present would be for you to see a quick video of your babies and what we have been doing around here.  yes, these are the leashes i was talking about...what do you think?
and this is pretty blurry but its a good idea of the girls doing their daily chores.

wow!! we look so young....i can't believe it was only 4 years ago we took the plunge together...i know we said it feels like at least 8years....i don't know what that says about us, but i guess it means we feel like we've known each other forever and have been through a lot too!!

and it was almost exactly 2years ago that we found out we were having 2babies not just one! i can still remember how excited you were, and how scared i was.  i'm so glad that we have been able to share an amazing journey of parenthood together...i know we are only just beginning our journey as parents but so far we are doing pretty good.
we've had several christmas' together...and anyone that knows me, knows that christmas aint my favorite holiday, but somehow since i now get to celebrate christmas with you!!!  
i've started to actually like the holiday and not just the eggnog that comes with it.
so here's to many more years together...and who knows maybe next year we will be able to spend the day together...but if not we've got the rest of eternity to be with each other.
i love you mr mortensen.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

miss you spence...

 spence left for detroit over 2wks ago....this was our last night together and we filled it 
with cake and brownies!!!
and needless to say it really stinks
its a major bummer, its a drag.
and i think it isn't getting any easier because he won't be home until december.  thats 4months, thats 120days thats 1/3 of the year.  oh me oh my!!
the things we do for school, for hopefully a job....can you tell i really love med school!
 its been an adjustment with him gone, it always is.  spence is so fun, and loves me and the babies so much.  its just nice at the end of the day to have someone to share things with...
he was gone for the whole month of may, and we saw him on the weekends in june, then we got spoiled in july because he had the whole month off!!!---i know it was amazing.
so over 2wks ago he left for detroit and it took him 2 1/2days to drive there...which really reminds me of how far away he really is.:(
so without being too much of a cry baby....i miss you spence.
so its a really good thing that i have all these people to keep me busy and keep my mind off of how much i miss spence.  i am so glad to have such a wonderful and supportive family.
med school has been harder for me than spence...which is silly cause he is the one actually in school.
 i am so extremely grateful to finally be home and have so much support.  
when your husband is gone there is nothing better 
than to fill it with family. 

i am also so grateful to not be going through this crazy year alone.  i know so many wonderful women whose husbands are also gone half way across the country,
whose husbands work 2-3 jobs, whose husbands are in the armed forces,
or who don't even have a husband.  so i am gently reminded that we women are strong and we can do this.  it is hard, but we can do it and we can help each other through this wild journey of being alone.  thank you for being such wonderful examples to me, and for also letting me know that its ok to admit when things get hard.:)