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Friday, September 26, 2014


look at that smile, full of joy and curiosity

she rarely gets a minute toherself...and i think she can't wait to be one of the big girls, she follows them all over the house!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

cece growing up!

so i'm more than behind on how fast CeCe has been growing up!
she's been rolling over since 2 1/2 months so its no surprise that she started crawling at 5months!

she was army crawling for a couple days, and then pappy decided she need a little help.
and with one 5 minute session on the floor with pappy she had it,
and hasn't stopped moving since. 

this little lady has brought so much joy and happiness into our lives.  its hard to imagine our life before her.
having a sweet little baby around is amazing and so fun, its hard work sometimes, but it is really nice to have a baby around again.
i mean look at that smile!

Utah summer!

after our fun time in colorado with spencer's family we headed on to utah.
spence cashed in his paternity leave, 2 whole weeks so we spent 1 week in colorado and 1 week in utah.
thanks cece for letting daddy get extra time off work!

and here she is doing what she does best
sucking in her bottom lip and jumping!
she also growls pretty good too!

Q doing her thing...being pappy's shadow and helping him with everything!

these two crack me up! she loves her paps...and he loves her too!

look how big these girls are getting! so beautiful and still the best of friends!
pappy got the girls bunk beds so now the girls room can hold at least 6-8kids comfortably.
and i think each night we were there had at least 6kids sleeping over.
gotta love cousin sleep overs.  in fact when we came back to texas the girls kinda paniced because they wouldn't be having anyone else sleeping with them. 

what a beautiful place to color, out on the deck. love utah!