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Thursday, August 26, 2010

qt bugs blessing

ok, so this is a little late...but way back on july 10th we blessed the twinners while we were in Utah so our families could be apart of all the excitement. it was wonderful. the girls did great and so did their papa...i was worried that spence might forget which twin is which and give them the wrong name for their blessing, but of course he did great and made us all cry.
gg with tenley, absolutely love the dresses.
we were in a small dilemma about blessing dresses because they are so stinkin expensive...(and we were in need of two not just one). spencer thought we could just gussy up a white onesie, seriously he did. but luckily his mom got us two cute dresses for wholesale cost because of her book store "for heavensake" in alamosa. i thought the dresses turned out super cute, and then mom made some spectacular bows for the babes, tenley was pink and quincy was green.
still can't believe we're parents:):):0
twins holding twins,
baby a with baby a, and baby b with baby b
only 3years apart.
and thanks to these amazing gals the blessing and brunch turned out great. we served jo's famous pancakes with wild flavors of syrups.
spencer's family was able to drive up for the blessing.
they literally drove all night to be there.
even most of his cousins were able to be there which was such a special treat...too bad i forgot to get pics of them all.
and of course all the wonderful men that these two babes will have in their life watching over them and protecting them. i can't even tell you how much love was in the room that special day. it was wonderful. thanks to everyone who came and participated and supported us.
much love, the mortensens

Thursday, August 12, 2010

longing...journal entry

It is hard to believe that just a year ago at this time i was longing and hoping to have the chance to be the greatest thing in the world, what you might ask, a mom.
i remember thinking to myself,
will i ever have the chance to be a mom?? what am i doing wrong, why can't i get and stay pregnant? everyone else seems to have it figured out, i hear people say its in the water...well then i must find that water. is there something wrong with me? and the questions, longing, and heart ache continued.
for those of you who know the pains and anguish of having such a deep and honest desire to be a mom and to have you hopes and dreams shaken each month as you take yet again another pregnancy test only to realize nope not this month, this entry is for you, and mostly for myself.

i pleaded with Heavenly Father, saying i just want to be a mom, just to have one little baby i don't need 6kids just one, i just want the opportunity of being a mom. to love someone so unconditional, and to have someone love me so unconditionally in return.
i often thought of my mom and sisters, they were the reasons i wanted to be a mom. i love them all so much and wanted to share in the secret society of motherhood with them...
i can say i really had a quite longing for awhile. going to many activities and seeing cute little ones running around i use to tell spencer, "i want one of those" and he did too.

i'll never forget the longing i had, and i'll never discount the longing some of you might have.
its a hard road to go down, i helped so many women at Dr. Glenn's office go through months of longing and anguish that when it was my turn to wear the hat, i was really disappointed and scared to say the least.
i could go on...on...on about all the feelings and thoughts i had, but now here i sit a year later with 2 babies. not just one but 2, i still remember saying i want just one baby heavenly father, let me have just one of your little ones for awhile, i promise i'll do my best.
well He sent me 2!
i look back and remember the moment the test showed positive...i was so excited but too scared to really enjoy anything. as time went on the excitement continued and the fear increased. i can honestly say i never celebrated being pregnant, i couldn't celebrate for fear of something going wrong. thats what 6months of laying in bed starring at the ceiling will do to someone.
but wow, i made it! i did it! i sacrificed everything i possibly could to get these babies here, and i'm keeping my promise no matter what, i will do my best.
and when times get rough and nights get long, i hold my girls and think...what would life be like without you. and i remember, i remember how i longed for you, how i cried for you.
and now how i am so so so glad for you, and for all the hard times and bad news, and what seemed very little ups with so so many downs, all of it, i did what it took to get you here, even if it meant waiting longer than i had hoped.
because of all this, this longing, i can never take you for granted, because there were many a times when you almost didn't make it to me.
i love you babies! i love that you chose me, and that i get to be your mom. i don't know how i got lucky enough to have 2 at a time, but i do like to think that you wanted to make this incredible journey of life together, there is nothing better than having a sister.
i'm going to keep each moment as precious as possible.
i promise i'll do my best (and i know if i don't quincy will probably tell me, she is just that way:))
and as i keep my promise, i'll also never forget the longing i once had for you, and the dream that you both made come true.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

this week

This week we have been doing a lot....well in the baby world
you can say its a lot. we've been practicing sitting up, kinda hard
cause the babes still don't have any stomach muscles, but little
Q would much rather sit than lay these days. Ms T has decided
that she is old enough and big enough to start holding her own bottle,
i am totally fine with that, but its more of a hindrance than a help cause
she still has no real coordination and when she gets excited she throws
the bottle all over the place. so i just tell her your still a baby let me
hold it for you....each feeding has become a constant battle between me
and her extreme desire to hold it herself. it'll be great when she
can just grab it and chow down.
we also got the best jogging stroller in the world. spence is a dear and
found a steal of a deal on craigslist for us to go out...seriously the twins
are pretty strict with their exercise routine if they don't get a jog in they
just don't enjoy the day...too bad its 350degrees outside but we go when
we can.

also this week we got word that spence the brainiac himself passed his
medical school boards!!! what a relief....we all knew he would pass its just
nice to be done and moving on to all the fun stuff like applying for

so thats us this week in a nutshell.