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Saturday, September 12, 2009


a couple weeks ago we headed over
to Scottsdale to hang with Ty and Ash
and we went bowling with this
little cutie pie Grace.
she was so fun to watch running around!
she was a pretty good bowler
but she thought the machine that
returns all the balls was the
coolest thing in the world! she was so
excited everytime a ball would come back.
thanks Ty and Ash we had a blast.

wet saturday

Last saturday morning its was cloudy and a storm seemed to be rolling in so i told spence we should go for a quick walk so we could see all the cool lightning and hear the thunder! it was a great plan and we saw tons of lightning strike all around the hot arizona one point it seemed that we were going to get struck by lightning and with our luck we would be the random people that get hit, so we headed home.
just as we turned around it started to down poor! i mean big fat heavy drops of rain. by the time we made it home we were drenched! and we had left the kitty out in the back yard and she was meowing like crazy. spence said it was about time she got a bath but kai was really mad and pouted the rest of the day under the bed.
needless to say it was really fun walking and dancing in the rain, the rainstorms here are amazing!...and its a nice and well needed break from the endless heat!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


After the MAN project was finished, spence and i headed up north to the south rim of the Grand Canyon to hike to havasupai falls. I had been there before with my bff/sister Amanda several years ago(she got heat stroke and i thought i had killed her but thats another story)
---anyways spence has always wanted to go so, for his break we went back packing and it was awesome!
We left late on Wednesday night and camped at the trail head, sleeping in the X and anxiously awaiting our long 12mile hike to the falls.
I had warned spence about the self guiding mules that run at full speed through the canyon...and at one point spence said i hear thunder...and it was just the mules running to the top of the canyon to pick up some goods. It is so crazy to see these animals cruising through the canyon & rocky terrain, they seriously only know one speed and its FAST! (you can also ride horses in for $50 one way per person, just in case)

This is Mooney Falls hike! its a 200ft water fall about 2miles from Havasupai! it is absolutely beautiful. Spence guided me down the side of the mtn. you seriously have to hold onto chains and slither down the cliff side to get to the falls pool below. it was a really a crazy hike...oh course i got a little shakey but was so glad that we did the wild hike because
it was so beautiful.

Us, with Mooney falls in the back ground

spence taking a shower in one of the secret water falls we found exploring. we had a great trip...all for the dingos it was awesome!
sorry manda this time it was a little bit cooler...and we packed more than just cliff bars so it made the trip more enjoyable...however on the 10th switch back of like 400 to the top of the canyon i did think of you and how sick you were, that scarey hotel we stayed in, the tire blowing out, and how when i pulled the truck over for you to throw up you stepped on a that was a bad trip. but spence and i dedicate this successful trip to havasupai to you! love ya roo!

Havasupai continued...

spence of course basking in the good ole arizona sun
hikin back...nothing better than 12miles uphill:)

capturing the worst thing about Havasupai, the flying in of bathrooms...yup thats right, everything has to either be carried in or flown in and that includes bathrooms...they fly in all the port-a-potties and when they have all but been over filled they fly 'em out.
Yes there is a lot of sloshing....yuck!

If you go to Havasu be warned of the wild dingos...there are tons of stray dogs from the village and they ripped through spencer's pack (which was about 4ft off the ground hung on a tree) and ate all our granola bars and snacks...

And again here is why the 5hr drive, 12mile 4hr hike is all worth it
an oasis in the desert!