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Monday, October 31, 2011

18 months

I have lost my besides being completely devastated about losing the camera (don't worry spence i'm gonna find it just like the titles to the car, and other random stuff i keep losing)

what ms T is up to...
she loves signing time, and loves learning new signs, she is talking a lot and will repeat what you say...her favorite words, kitty, hi-hi-hi, bye, sister, up, down, apple, banana, help, mama, papa, pappy, grandma, go-go-go, no-no-no (most the time she says that to her sister) drink, snack, cheese, button, and much more.  
she loves quacking like a duck, and its hilarious to hear her do it.
jumping, running in place, dancing, petting the dog, going outside to explore, she will wake up in the morning and chat to herself in a super soft and sweet voice. still has  just a little-itty bit of hair.  she is very cautious about new people..except at church she loves all the faces and plays peek-a-boo with everyone.  she loves being chased and will run and hide! loves pretending to cook when i cook.  will still settle down when i sing her special tenley song. loves grandma, loves being tickled. won't give me a kiss and when i try to sneak a kiss she softly says, no. absolutely loves her cousins and will play with them all day. hates getting her teeth brushed.
    TENLEY MAG you are growing up so fast, you have always been my sensitive and sweet baby.  you are so patient with me and your wild sister. i am so grateful to be able to look into your deep dark beautiful brown eyes everyday and your calmness helps me be a better mom.  i love you so much.

what ms Q is up to...
she loves eating, even though she has hallow bones and is tiny she can eat more food than you can imagine and she will eat just about anything.  she also love watching signing time and will constantly sign that she wants to watch it.  she isn't as chatty as her big sister but she loves saying mama, papa, dog, kitty, up, down, go-go-go, banana.  dramatically shakes her head up and down to say YES.
she loves jumping and gets both feet in the air really well. she will dance...we call it the russian dance because its a little stiff, she still lets me hold her when she first wakes up in the morning which is special. loves holding the dogs leash and grunts orders, gets super excited about everything and still has a deep gremlin voice.  she pushes and tries to boss her sister around...she is really spunky and never holds still, she is like a little humming bird always moving around. listens really well when she wants to...and will walk with me to her bed at night, or get her shoes for me, or coat, or diaper.  has several secret hidding spaces in the house, she will but things in a cabinet and run away.  kisses, but only kisses opened mouth.  will talk on the play phone for hours and hours...loves animals...a little too much cause she will kiss a stray dog on the lips! 
     QUINCY JO you make me laugh with your wild none stop running, your love for life and contagious excitement about everything.  i am so lucky to be able to brush your shaggy hair aside and  see your tender chubby checks and know that you are my baby and always will be!

Monday, October 10, 2011

i'm so glad when daddy comes home!!

 spence stopped by last weekend as he was driving from southbend indiana, to his october rotation in seattle.  it was so fun to see him....the girls couldn't believe he was really here, and not on the computer but in the real live flesh.  he was only here for the day/night so we crammed in as much fun as possible....even tried on our winter snow gear!
 please, don't go!! 
 lots and lots of exploring, at the park, with the ducks, and our own back yard.

4months down and only 2more to go! spence is really enjoying his rotation in seattle, and we are trying to stay busy so the time passes faster...the girls are getting so big and are so much fun!!