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Monday, May 24, 2010

then and now 2 yrs of med school over and done

this was spencer's very first day at midwestern way back in aug of 2008. i remember being exciting and scared to death...and i'm pretty sure thats how spence felt too.
well now not only has one year pasted by, 2 have!! so excited because the first 2yrs of med school are all the super hard science classes that are killer...pharm, neurology, bio-chem, genetics, physics etc etc. well we are pleased to announce that spence is all done he took his last final on saturday!! this next year will still be rough cause its still med school but he will start clinical rotations and still have class but more focused on hands on medicine.
way to go babe!!

so that was 2yrs ago and this is now. 2yrs down with 2 QT bugs twinners!
don't worry only 5 more years to go:)

little quincy has started to grow and fill in quite a bit, she has the chubbiest checks!!
please note tenley's arm around her favorite little sister quincy.
(q on the left t on the right)
sleepy papa, late nights studying but always finds time to hold a baby or two for a quick break.

so way to go spence on finishing the 2nd year strong, this passed year has been a challenging one with me on complete bedrest for 5months i don't know how you manage it all. now that i have sleepless nights taking care of the twins i sympathize with your gulling schedule even more, thanks for being such a great guy and sacrificing so much for us,
all in the name of school and our future!!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

rub a dub dub, two girls in the tub

Ms Tenley and all her chins!! ya know she is a whopping 6 plus lbs.
Quincy Jo, and all her spunk...
The best pappa in the world taking a well deserved break from studying to help
bath the girls. It was their first bath and both girls did super good.
Clean, clean, clean,....I was really nervous to bath the girls, since they were premature they get easily excited, but both girls loved all the time they got with their papa rubbing them clean and enjoyed the warm water.
Little Tenly aka Little baby spencer, she is so precious and such a good baby and big sister:)

Things are going good, I am learning how to function on 2hrs of sleep a night and juggle at least 2things at once...twins is definitely a challenge, and its a good thing the babies don't know that half the time i have no idea what i am doing.:) the hardest thing has been recovering from 5months of bed rest lets just say....i can barely move around the house and i feel like i just finished a major work out session on the biggest loser...but really i just walked down the hall:)

i will say that its has been so fun, seeing spence with his babies. he is such a good dad. its amazing how all the love spence and i have for each other has grown even more through the high risk pregnancy and even now with the girls here. its amazing all the love and joy 2 little spirits can bring with them.