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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

smart phone??

this is my phone. and yes this is duct tape! so i now i have up graded to a 'smart phone'...because duct tape is the most reliable and best invention on earth.  i was worried i was going to have to go buy a new phone, but with the duct tape i'm pretty sure i have allowed myself another 3months on this one.
-- double crossy triple stampin my fingers that it last even longer than that--

 and the girls are pretty much exploring and getting into everything.  yesterday they figured out how to open their dresser door, and to their surprise was a diaper party inside!!! 
guess its time to sale the dresser now...i've sold just about everything but our couch and bed now.:)

 they are both obsessed with spence's desk...they squeeze under it and laugh themselves silly.
little ms hot stuff aka tenley is walking all over the place with this walker.
she has figured out how to turn it, so when she runs into a wall she just turns around and keeps going!!
its hilarious to watch and see all the places she goes.

Monday, March 21, 2011

march madness

this past weekend spencer and his bff scott planned a march madness party for the young men in our church.  scott and kiana won a party pack from digorno's and had tons of pizza.
me being the sweet tooth that i am, i saw these cookies and recipe, in an ad from our local grocery store and all week was excited to make the 'basketball cookies' 
because they would be perfect for their b-ball party!! they turned out ok, 
some look like basketballs and some look like spider webs....but you get the idea.
thanks scott and kiana you guys are the best.  spencer is really going to miss serving in the ward with scott, and we'll desperately miss you guys when we move in just 39days. ahh!!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

girls, grandma and sicky's

the girls love helping me do laundry.  they love rolling in it, unfolding it, and crawling away with some items.  we have a blast and they always make me laugh hard when we do laundry. 
grandma pink, black, brown or as spence calls her grandma rainbow (all the grand kids call her different colors cause her last name is brown but they think it should be their favorite color) came by for the weekend while spence was in mexico!! we had a blast with her. it was so fun having her around and the girls wouldn't leave her alone.  it made me a little (ok a lot excited to be her roommate in May)
the twinners both got needed hair cuts!! i didn't save any hair...thats kinda gross.
reading books and playing with our kitty.  grandma really knows what the girls like.
thanks mom for coming and helping me and letting us have such a great time!!! we love you!!!!

the girls were so sad that grandma left....that they made themselves sick!!
both girls have had terrible fevers and coughs.  i feel so lucky that this is the first time in 10months that they have really been sick. i was so nervous when tenley had a fever of 103.8. and both girls just wanted to be held and cuddled which i love. but its hard to hold 2babies at once.  bless there hearts, we all cried a little this week...but we are on the mend thank goodness. i have never cleaned up so much throw-up in my life. i guess now i really am a mom now that i have been baptized by vomit!!thanks to our aunties in utah who gave us great advice on how to cope with sick babies.

the big bummer was that i had just got both girls and myself to sleeping through the night for 10days straight.  now were starting all over with each girl waking up at least once in the night coughing and being super sad.  i was so so so grateful that they finally were sleeping because that meant i could finally sleep too.  hopefully now that they are feeling better we can all get some needed sleep.

shout out to Jaime S. who is prego with twins 38wks!! i made it to 36wks and thought i was gonna die because i was literally as big as a truck. 38wks of a twin pregnancy is like 48wks prego with a singleton, imagine that. so good luck tomorrow can't wait to meet your new littles!!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

ragnar del sol

we did it!! i ran with spence's fam in the ragnar relay this past weekend! it was fun, so crazy, so wild to be running at 3am in the middle of no where.
i had a blast, spence's fam really knows how to run and party!!
read more about the wild race here

Thursday, March 3, 2011

kissing cousins!

this is owen, saying, "common guys lets go!!"
owen and kristy spent a night at our house and the twins loved it! owen is just 2months older and is walking and running all over the place. the girls were amazed with him and would just follow him around...he thought it was funny to run from them and they would chase him everywhere!

and of course they played really well together...i'm starting to think that triplets wouldn't be so bad:)
and then the fun really began. tenley and quincy just couldn't get enough of owen and eventually wrestled and giggled with him.
there may have been some kissing...we couldn't really tell: but the babes and us couldn't stop laughing. we had such a great time having play dates, and seeing the twins interact with owen. it will be fun this summer when we live closer and can play all the time.