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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

4th of july alamosa

this year we headed to alamosa for the 4th of july.  spencer's favorite grandma, grandma sally had a huge 88yr old surprise birthday! her grand kids came in from all over the country to show her how much we all love her! from virginia to washington, utah to wisconsin, california to arizona, texas and all over colorado.  it was really fun to be a part of the celebration.  she really is a special, loving and unique lady.  she still has so much spunk and carisma!

Cece Marie with Sally Marie.
we love you grandma
we did the 4th right this year by spending it in small town alamosa co USA.
grandma debbie hand tie-dyed the kids shirts and took us all to the parade.
the kids enjoyed, and the weather was perfect a nice sunny 88degrees....yes in july!
cute kids!
then we went to the fireworks! they were awesome! so close you could see darrell meis and crew actually lighting them off just a couple hundred yards away. 
the fireworks were so great, that for the first time in years the girls actually fell asleep in our laps.
they haven't done that in years!
we had a great time, and hope to make alamosa 4th of july a tradition!

remember the time with no ac

our living room

after our trip to utah in may we returned to our home in texas to discover that the AC wasn't working.
not a good thing in the middle of may, nor with a 3month old.  so our landlord's friend let us stay in one of the homes she was currently selling.  it was a beautiful home, except it was empty.  absolutely no furniture, so we had to literally camp for was a little rough and it would have been much harder if grandma debbie wasn't with us.  
our dinning room
it made for a crazy adventure sleeping on the floor and not having anything to entertain the kids with.
no toys, to books, no tv, no bikes, and really no food.  
the girls did pretty good, i think i was the worst sport of all.
finally back home, aren't we lucky to have such a great grandma!

CeCe in Utah May

CeCe and the girls and i enjoyed Utah a lot.  everyone loved meeting the new baby.  she is probably the last grand baby on the brown side so everyone wants a turn holding her.