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Sunday, September 28, 2008

gone for too long

so i came back to Utah a week ago and i still have one whole week away from my one and only baba babe:( :( thats right double sad. i originally was coming back this week to run the marathon with dad and jo, but then jo needed some help at the office and lets face it i'm the best...i'm totally kiddin i could use the money and some company with my friends and family for awhile. So i drove back to utah with Jo and manda and all the kids last weekend and i'm dying to see spence. I think i have actually talked to him more this week then the before simply because he is always at the library. anyways so for the past week i have randomly found cute notes from spence in various places of my bag. my pockets, my wallet, my socks my shoes!! its awesome he took the time to leave me little surprises during our time apart they sure have helped too. this is what some of them have said..don't forget about me...Kai and i miss you!!...come home already!!..I love you!! and the list goes on. anyways can't wait to get back to the heat and my baba babe.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

the super star! and this old house review.

Alright, so here is the final look of the big RED wall. looks ok, just don't get too close to the popcorn ceiling and everything looks perfect. I also had to brag about SPENCE!! he got
86 on his 1st medical school test. He has to stay above at least a 70 or he could get kicked out so he pretty much rocked the test. spence is doing so good i am really proud of him, poor guy doesn't have time for anything but school.:) Don't worry every monday is test day so keep him in your thoughts. Things are good here in AZ. Today I planned the first podiatry wife's club pic' nic with spouses from spence's school. My friend Alyssa and I our keeping ourselves busy planning parties and get togethers. We had a great turn out and spence is the PR committee and helps us advertise!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

bad wife...or really dead people smell husband??

ok so quick funny story. as everyone knows we only have one car (but we did up grade and finally have 2 cell phones yahoo!) so i mostly drop spence off at school at o'dark 30 (630am) and then he'll call me when he is ready to come home around 7pm. So last night like always i go pick up my cute husband and i'm super excited to see him (especially because he just took his first test!) and he leans over to give me a kiss...and instantly i have a gag reflex. i seriously thought i was gonna vomit all over him! but i quickly rolled the window down and stuck my head out and took some deep cleansing breaths of the hot arizona sun. needless to say he had his anatomy lab, which means he is disecting dead people all day and he rrreeeccckkksss! so i literally drove with my head half out the window like a dog because i kept gagging. Poor spence, he immediately through all his close in the washer and ran to the shower while i sat in the living room waiting for spence not to stink so i could finally be able to talk to him. needless to say spence really felt like the smell of firmaldahyde(i can't spell) stayed in his hair so he gave himself a hair cut. what do you think about dr. mortensen's new look?

Sunday, September 14, 2008

who needs bob villa

this is phase A of project 1. spence has been telling me to paint a wall and make this place look like martha stewart lives here. (post prison of course) so here is a glimpse of our home make over, i'm painting the wall red! ah i went to home depot and picked out the paint, got all the supplies (since dad's handy shed with every tool you can imagine isn't here) and went to work. i put the primer on the wall and realized that once you go red you can't really go back...and what if...what if...spence doesn't like it! luckily his brain is so fried from studyin 18hrs a day that so far he loves it. so i'll keep you posted only 2more coats to go. thanks amanda for the helpful hints and the quick 101 of paint lingo.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

high fashion

alright ladies! i got pearls the other day! and we all know that pearls are the must have for any fashionable lady. can we say, elizabeth taylor, chanel, sarah jessica! don't worry i found em at walmart for $9.97 and paid cash so they aren't trackable by my sweet husband. anyways you can tell i'm slowly running out of things to do and so is the kitty! i seem to be one of those people i use to hate--always having time to spend on a silly blog....well look at me now. i know the kitty is just sick with me she runs and hides in the closet when she sees me pull out the labtop. sorry kitty.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

lance is back oh ya!

alright ya'll i hope everyone is sitting down and will shortly be standing up! thats right lance is back for 2009!! i am so excited! josh your competition heard how great you're getting and wanted to come back...68miles nice...also i'll totally sponsor you when he asks you to be on his team!! anyways check out to see lance in person relay to the world of his comeback, its great news for the cycling world. its also interesting that lance didn't hold a press conference he just annouced it at home on his own webcam. pretty cool. ! lance is so awesome and such a great if he would just get back with sheryl life would be fantastic.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

runnin fools! look at that amazin guy!

ok ya'll! just wanted to give a shout out to my amazing dad! look at him isn't he awesome. jo, my dad and i have been training for the marathon dad is the captain of the team because he plans new routes with specific hills and speed zones for our optimal training. not many people can say they've run a marathon, not many can say they've run two with their bff sister, and few can say they've run a marathon with their dad who need we say is older than i am, but i've run 2 marathons with him as well. its a really awesome accomplishment and i'm really proud of my bff and my dad. jo just had a baby and my dad is 59yrs old and you can see from the picture i'm the one trailing behind. jo and dad are both such awesome athletes. now that i've moved they still call me to tell me what route they did, how fast and that they ran only 23miles on saturday...don't worry they aren't sore at all. i'm scared for the marathon and know i will cry at the end because it is such an amazing feeling especially when you can do it with the ones you love!

Monday, September 8, 2008

our cute little kitty!

AH! spence got a new computer chair since the next 4 yrs he will be sleeping, eating, and studying in this chair. well our kitty Kai, loves him and the other day while he was studying she jumped on top of his chair just like she is here. -its a clear shot from the ground and then balances herself for a perfect landing she should be in the circus. -I love it, spence hates it cause he is worried she'll mess up his hair, or scratch the chair. (she likes to bat his head while he studies i think she is just helping hime stay awake.) anyways its hilarious i love my baba and kitty too!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

welcome to the wild wild west!

I have found this trail close to spences school and after i drop him off at school i'll run down the canal its a nice paved trail in the middle of town surrounded by houses on each side. but we're in the desert now and i've been nervous anyway because i keep getting lost as i try to find new running routes. ( anyone who runs and then moves to a new area knows what i mean, there is no such thing as footprinters here.) anyways so i take my mase and my phone with me every morning just in case of days like this one...about 7min into my run i looked up and there he was, one lonely mean lookin', girl eatin' coyote! i was only about 25ft away and i was worried cause i didn't know if i could out run him (no brown exageration there) so i stopped in my tracks and wished i had kevin's gun to shoot it. but i didn't and no one has told me what to do when you come upon a coyote so i yelled and luckily it took off, but then i thought he went to get his friends i'm gonna be chicken liver soon. but i got my cool and kept running. i'm still freaked out about it though. i tried really hard to upload a picture of a coyote but couldn't figure out how, but as i was reading, it said that coyotes can run up to 45mph and love reddish blonde haired girls from utah!!! i feel lucky to have made it out alive and with all my limbs. anyways something interesting to share now that were here in the desert. ill let ya know when i have another experience with the wild, my worst fear is that a snake will chased me. can you say heart attach. the moral of the story is always run with a bell on your belt...or is that hike dr. glenn.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

final good-byes

ok last one i just wanted to post these pictures so i can remember what everyone looks like. j/k i just think they are cute and it was nice that everyone came to see us off. p.s. jo i painted my toes blue today because i know thats what color reese has you color her toes, and now whenever i look at my toes that look literally just like reese's i tear up a bit but i can't wait to see you guys in a couple weeks...its the first time i'm supportive of jeds softball:) and i have one question is everyone the same size still..or just jed?

re cap of last week

first and foremost i have to thank my wonderful family!! jo and manda were great party planners and planned for me to have a mini party every hour of our long drive to az. they are so sneaky and found hilarious cards that only i and my family and some close friends can understand. one i think of every day is there is a sheep with a red bow tie on and he say "adding to my misery no one here thinks i'm funny." and heres one more, its a pink card that says, " you always hate the same people i hate, and i love that." ok and one more, there are 3 people in suits with cats as their head in a board room with a box of kitty litter on the table and one kitty head says, 'ok, whos been thinking outside the box again." and there is little kitty pooh on the table. its funny! --see i guess only we think thats funny. -anyways they had them labeled for every hour of the drive from 5am to 5pm! dad was in on the plan as well and gave me really wonderful pictures of him and i together and all of our wonderful memories we've shared. josh and pam wrote a really sincere letter (of course pam even had hers typed so my tears wouldn't ruin it, she's really on top of things..thanks pam) it was great to laugh, cry, laugh and cry some more. my wonderful sisters, mom, dad and bro i don't know what i'm going to do without you!!

last wednesday they even had beautiful yellow and white daisy flowers delieverd to me in a glass picture with some cut up lemons in the i can make lemonade out of lemons!! and jo and manda sent our first piece of mail to us. can you see how wonderful they are!! today is my first day here at the house alone without spence or mom, kai isn't any help cause she is still mad that she was given poison last week and that there aren't any stray cats she can play with so she is pouting in the corner a lot. -anyways i'm excited for our new adventure and pray and hope that i'll be able to be the support spence needs to accomplish his dreams.

1 day of med beginning...start of long nights studyin

ok we finally have internet so i may be updating our blog more than any normal person should!(ahh, ya, i don't have a job or any friends yet and spence is in school from 7am-7pm plus homework, i know you can all start feeling sorry for me right....NOW. ok so just like my mom and dad did on all of us kids first day of school i took the classic picture by the fence...we don't have a cute fence so i used a tree instead. i helped pick out spence's clothing attire (just like jo use to do for me except i let him do his own hair) and dropped him off at school with the leftovers from dinner, i told him to be brave (as jo and manda say) and said he'll do great and to call me the second he can! ---he already has found his locker, went to all his morning classes and can't wait to repeat it all again and again for the next 7-8yrs of his life!! i'm so excited for spence i get more nervous then he does but he is doing great. there are only 35 students in his class, that says a lot, he is one of only 35 students chosen from thousands and thousands of applicants. heres a quick foto so you can all see his specially chosen back to school outfit.

Monday, September 1, 2008


Here's some pics and the story of our move. First, we'd like to say thanks to all those who helped us (Jed, Amanda, Mr. Brown, Kristy, Kellie, Jo, Alan, Tyler, DJ, Ash, Meg and our MVP Rebecca), I don't think we could have made it with out ya'll. Here's the breakdown of events: friday- late friday night changed our reservations to the largest truck possible -saturday- show up at the dealer to find out the idiots rented it out on accident, so we got stuck w/ a dusty junker just as big but wasn't fit for the road, packed it all up, and stayed the night at Carly's mom's place- Sunday- shoved some benadryl down our kitty''s throat to make the move easier for her (not fun), we were shooting for a mild coma, but we couldn't get the second dose down, so we were satisfied w/ the mild sedated state (got a little scared shortly after when she started foaming at the mouth), left Provo w/ Spencer driving the big rig and Carly w/ her mom in the Accord, 13 hours and millions of dollars in diesel fuel later we arrived in Phoenix (103 degrees), unloaded the truck and left the thousands of full boxes anywhere they could fit, and shortly after arriving found out that I, Spencer had forgotten to turn on the water, kitty gnawed down her front teeth and scraped her nose trying to get out of her travel cage as her medicine wore off