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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

CeCe 28wks

We have finally entered the third trimester and so far everything is going great.  I am shocked at how well this pregnancy is going especially because we had such a rough start.  I am so grateful to be able to get up and take care of my kids, and though i can't do everything i use to, i can't complain.  the yard really needs to be mowed but i know that wouldn't be the smartest thing to do right now.  maybe JoJo can come to town and do it for me. (my sister Jo always had to mow the lawn 8-9month pregnant, and i laugh that she is so tough she could do that, and why didn't i help her more?)

anyways this baby is doing great! it was at this point with the twins i had to spend 3 nights in the hospital to help calm down contractions and get quincy's placenta to heal.  so glad i'm not stuck in the hospital here.  1. because that would suck, 2. because the dr's here haven't really impressed me much at all.  in fact i know now that if it wasn't for the amazing care of Dr. Erickson, our twins wouldn't have had such a great outcome. it really does matter what dr you see.  i have really learned that not all dr's are the same. and 3. because not being able to take care of the twinners would be super hard for all of us. 

I am so grateful that this pregnancy is going by so well and so undramatic! now i realize why people have 6 kids, and why being pregnant isn't that bad.  of course like always i'm gaining too much i've already gone over the recommended weight gain and i still have 3 months to go.....its going to get ugly around here. in fact the nurse practitioner at my last visit wanted to know why i wasn't exercising more! i explained my health history and she didn't understand, i promptly told her that walking 30min a day for me while being pregnant is amazing.  and i'm not going to go into labor just to save a few pounds....she didn't get it.  and once again i am so glad for the years of knowledge i have about pregnancy and women's health.

this baby is a mover and a shaker! i don't know if its because the twins just didn't have much room to kick.  but this baby isn't shy about kicking me all day long.  i'm sure CeCe does it because i really enjoy feeling the baby move and it reminds me how unique and special pregnancy really is.  all this moving and all the hiccups makes me a bit nervous for when we meet this little one, CeCe might be wild and crazy and have the hiccups several times a day.  also i can't believe how i can still sleep on my side.  being pregnant with twins is totally different than just a singleton.  i can still sleep on either side and even my back, i breath like a normal person, i don't have crazy heart burn and i only have one belly not two separate loafs of bread.  it is so nice to be able to sleep and still be comfortable even though i'm 40lbs heavier than normal.  

Q & T are getting excited for baby CeCe.  they have started to pray for the baby and rub and kiss my tummy.  i'm excited to see how they will do with another sibling around.  it could be hard because of the 4yr age difference but i know they will love this baby a lot. and this baby might not ever have a name or any clothes to wear if its a boy....but we sure are excited for our special arrival coming in jan.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Rosser's visit!!

my sister and her two girls came to visit for the weekend!!
it was just what we needed!!!
we took them everywhere we possibly could think of in just 3days!

and of course when you come to texas, you have to have boots so we took the rosser's shopping.
we headed to the lake!
it was so funny to see them walk of the plane in sweaters and long pants as they left utah when it was snowing.  the lake was a nice cool relief.

we also headed to the pumpkin patch to get some pumpkins!
we found all sorts of pumpkins, white, green, and striped!

the pumpkin patch turns to the christmas patch in december so spencer was had to claim dibs on a tree.
the girls loved the train ride!

they did lots of coloring! 

and even did beauty parlor with uncle spencer...not to bad huh?

thanks kris for coming and visiting us! it was so fun showing you around texas and laughing together!
can't wait til we can see you guys again!