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Friday, May 24, 2013

talky talky talky

the girls are in a really fun stage, they talk and think they know just about everything about everyone and everything.  we have been writing letters to Pappy with our top 10 funny sayings of the week.  and i thought i better record them, or in a couple month's i'm not going to remember any of it.

1.  Fritz did it.
          fritz is my parents dog, he lives in Utah and the girls love him, but they seem to blame him for just about everything.  even though i have finally convinced them that he lives in Utah with Pappy, they still say he did it and then run way back to Utah.

2.  Pappy will fix it.
          it started with Quincy's binky, we cut the end off and said it broke.  she cried and said, "pappy gotta fix it!" so now if anything is broken they put it in a pile waiting for Pappy to fix.

3.  Can Daddy come over?
         sadly some rotations it seems that spencer exists at all.  he works about 90hrs in a 5 days, so he leaves before they wake up, and he hasn't got home before they go to bed.  so it seems he comes home on sundays.  it breaks both our hearts, but lately they have been asking if daddy can come over to play.  i simply say yes he will be home when he gets off work, he lives here too!

4.  Jo-Jo's car
         and yes the mini van we bought and have been driving for 4 months is still jo-jo's car!  they LOVE Jo-jo's car!

5.  The list.
           The girls will list off all the things they want to do...go to the library, sing songs, read books, to puzzles then go to the park, swing, then hudson will come over, have lunch take a nap!  it cracks me up because most the time they are exactly right with what we will do during the day.

6.  Get me out of here!!
           the girls are still in cribs, and it never fails that tenley will yell at the top of her lungs in the morning, "GET me OUT of HERE!" i tell her to be soft and just say mama i'm ready, but its really 50/50 on whether she yells, or not.

7.  i'm not doing anything i'm just fine.
            which usually means someone is doing something mischievous...but they try to reassure me that they aren't doing anything.

8.  Tenley kisses
            whenever we put tenley to bed she has to have kisses.  one on the left cheek, one on the right cheek, and one smack on the lips, and in that exact order!  if you don't do it right she will make you do it again.

9.  Take those pricklies off!
             tenley doesn't like spence with any whiskers, and try as spence might those darn pricklies grow back every day.  so tenley reminds him every day to take those pricklies off!  its ok for pappy to have them, just not spence.

10.  Try again mama
             Quincy is our very tender girl (most of the time) you will hear her say, "thank you, your welcome, and even try again mama, try again, and i love it when she tells me in an excited voice you did it, great job!"  kids really do listen to what you say!

Monday, May 20, 2013

mother's day

 our garden is growing...and growing and growing. 
we decided that since we would miss out on  my dad's wonderful garden this year we better do our own.
 so i planted onions, peppers, potatoes, tomatoes, peas, cilantro, basil and strawberries.
so far everything is growing wonderfully! i can't believe how easy it was, and how great everything is growing!  we planted a little too much so our neighbors are getting a lot of garden gifts this year.

 mother's day was great this year, i really soaked it up for all it was worth since spence was home.  we had fun just playing together!  what more can a mom ask for than for beautiful, fun, happy children!
 i thought pictures were suppose to get easier...but as you can see we took several trying to get both girls to hold still for the camera and smile....i promise we all really love each other...despite our faces!

summer is here!

 its been getting into the 90's this past week, so we had a neighborhood water party!!
 for some weird reason the girls prefer to dip their heads in the water than run through the sprinkles but whatever makes them happy!!
spence trying to show them how to use squirt guns...this summer is sure going to be fun!
 sand box....or really bud box fun.
 there are so many snails here, the girls love finding them and waiting patiently for them to poke their heads out and start crawling....kinda grouse but it looks like snails are the best pets.

Friday, May 3, 2013

for grandma sally

the PAPS with his favorites!  need we say more.
this is were the blue eyes come from. love her smile.  
little miss Q has started to do Grandma's famous soft tickle, same, same!

these girls couldn't be any happier with all the love and attention they get from their cousins.
sometimes it really does pay to be the babies of the family.

the smiles just keep on coming!
this is us trying to say prayer, i told tenley to sit like 'primary' and
this was her prompt reaction, very nice!
and on our way home we also stopped in colorado to see our other favorite grandma sally!
we were able to have dinner and chat for awhile
which is really  nice, grandma sally is one of our biggest fans and always looks at our blog
this one is for you grandma!
we finally arrived home in texas after 10pm,
spence was on call so he had to stay up late prepping charts, he only got 2 hrs of sleep
when he got off work on monday he crashed on the couch. 
honestly in 7yrs of knowing him,  i have rarely seen him take a nap or say that he is tired...
but this time he was pooped!