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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Just Married!!

Well, they did it! my parents tied the knot!! on November 15, 2010 my parents got married!!!
(it was a very special day, and their original wedding day 42yrs ago)
after 15years of being apart my parents are no longer single.
I was able to attend their wedding, thanks jo for driving 9hrs and picking me up!! my whole family was their (except Jason who couldn't get out of work in NY) to celebrate!!
it was a really exciting and emotional day for all of us.
to be honest i never, ever, ever imagined this day would happen, i've always just wanted my parents to be happy whether that was married, divorced or married again:)
(the husbands and kristie were there too,
this pic was taken before the rossers got there and only with the girls were in the photo shoot,sorry boys)
Jo did a great job of planning a bridal shower, wedding, honeymoon getaway, and return party!!
lets just say they were dancing!! i've never seen either of them so completely happy
...we made a mix tape full of all the stuff they use to listen to: Kenny Rogers, Ronny Milsap, AirSupply...
you know all the good classic love songs.
the happy couple reading the shutterfly book Jo collaborated for them with all of our family memories, tributes and pictures.
i was so glad that i could be there to witness the happy and unique occasion. it isn't every day that you get to see your mom and dad get married and share in their excitement.

to the happy couple, i wish you many years of joy and happiness. thanks for all you have done for spence and i, and the twins. we are so lucky to have parents like you.
its so nice to see the both of you completely happy....and happy together.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

page, triathlon!

some well needed kisses to grandma and pappa!
so about 2wks after having the twins, i registered for a triathlon and knew Jo would be crazy enough to do it with me. we found a race half way between both of us in Page, AZ.
this is the first time in 7yrs Jo hasn't been recovering from pregnancy (remind you she did St. George marathon when Taylor was 3 1/2months old!! Crazy) and this was the first time i was actually recovering from 6months of not moving, twin pregnancy and c-section.
training was hard, but a good hard. since i wasn't able to do anything for such along time, i found that when i was finally able to actually start walking i didn't want to take it for granted. so way back in june i started walking, then amanda and dad and jo made/helped me start run/walking. it really wasn't until august that i could run 2miles consecutively. and of course i was praying for 12min miles, but when i first started i was at 16min so i was gradually getting better.

i still remember coming home from the hospital and telling spence that my goal was to run the 10k for the 4th of july. he kindly said, "babe, you might want to re-think that, that's only 2 1/2months away and 6miles is kinda far." i thought, "how rude, oh i'll show him, 6miles is nothing when you've run 26.2." but he obviously new what 6months of only walking to the bathroom about 12steps, would do to my body. its crazy to think how i had to re-learn walking, sitting, standing, (and how the 1st month my feet killed because they finally had to hold me up, who knew you could get sore feet/toes)
and now the goal is to do a sit-up....ooch! obviously i'm still regaining my body and muscles. my legs that use to be so strong are slowly making a re-appearance into the mirror, slowly. seriously the human body is amazing, and spence reminds me all the time when i'm frustrated how far i really have come and that's what is important. and i am so thankful.
this is us before the race and all the rain...and before i realized i forgot my goggles, towels and breakfast...who am i??!!!

so jo and i both trained as well as we could. she works like a maniac managing the office and has 4little ones and a husband who travels at least once a month for work. she is amazing...i wish i could be her:)
this was the first time i ever had to schedule my was great though. the babes would come with me on our morning runs, spence would rush home at least once a week so i could go to spin class, and on saturdays i'd kill myself biking up the huge hill on 59th ave by thunderbird park.(cami and amy you both feel me there, honestly i almost tipped over several times cause i was barely moving.)

we both set finishing goals and really wanted to just do our best. jo really wanted to beat me and i really didn't want her to.:) but she did.
so the race was freezing, it down poured the whole time especially on the bike. the swim was crazy cause we both were freezing but we made it out ok. T1 was horrible you had to run up the boat ramp that was super steep bear foot and it put me in a bad mood.
then on to the bike it was wet and cold, and i was worried that the roads would be slippery and i didn't want to crash so on most of the turns i was a little whimpy but did better than i thought i ave 17mph which is great esp cause the first 7miles were up hill. jo did great too, she beat her best time on the bike by 4min!
then T2 wasn't too bad, i was soaking wet and cold and took way to long to change my was weird i wasn't in this killer competitive mode that i usually get in when i race. the weather really bummed me out. the run was good i ran it in 30min which is pretty good considering that's what i had trained at, but i also just swam 1/2mile, biked 13miles and then was able to run.
here is jo and i. jo with her 4kids, and my twins, seriously i could barely hold them up i was so so so tired. i don't know how all these years she's been able to run a marathon and then have energy to play with her kids. after the tri all i wanted to do was take a nap...

so we did it! it was great to see the fam for a quick weekend. and i honestly beat my goal time by 5min and jo beat hers by 5min too. but i just thought how much faster i could have gone if i would have really pushed it and simply got over the next time i'm gonna really push it.
jo rocked it, she totally passed me on the run, oh how i tried to keep up with her. telling my legs to go, go, go but i couldn't go any faster. she had the 3rd over all fastest run time! and beat me by 2min! and had PR's in all three events. i some how took 3rd in my age group that only had 9people but that still counts right?!

it was fun, i'm glad we did it, and i'm so glad that i have a physical body that can do all the crazy things i ask of it, so thankful.
thankful to spence too for all his support and encouragement.

didn't get a lot of race pics as the camera battery was dead....bummer!