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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Great News

Some of you out there may have already heard a portion of our recent good news, but now we're really ready to spill the beans.

Carly and I are please to announce that we are anxiously awaiting a delivery from Mother Stork. And to make this a memorable start to the beginning of our family, we are lucky enough to begin with twins. Yes, that is correct twins, aka two babies, two buns in the oven, double trouble, two for one, and our favorite octomom minus six.

Carly and I feel immensely blessed to have this opportunity and can't wait for their arrival. It was a huge and unexpected shock at the 1st ultrasound which took place at six weeks. Right now they're 16 weeks along and already full of Spencer's charm and charisma. It appears that we have some pretty active children in development. At our last ultrasound appt both babies were actively kicking Carly's bladder (which explains her frequent desire to pee) and it seemed like a there was a boxing match going on in her uterus. So far, Baby B is the reigning champ.

Up to this point, unfortunately the pregnancy hasn't been very easy- Carly's been put on bedrest and limited activity. But, even with these challenges we have been handling it well- thanks to the prayers of friends and family, of which we are extremely grateful for.

We can't wait for their arrival which should be in early May. Kai is currently in kitty training, learning how to fetch diapers, make bottles, and purr lullabies. We'll keep you posted on their progress.

Friday, November 6, 2009

what do you see?

in our jungle of a back yard what can you find in this picture??

any good guesses?

how about a lion waiting to attack!
Kai loves our little jungle and she pretty much stays outside all day. its hilarious to see her run through it...just like a dear trail you can see little kitty trails in our back yard.
couldn't help but post it..kinda lame and silly but i did it for spence....he really loves this cat.:)