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Thursday, November 20, 2008

My super duper wife

I broke into the blog and wanted to thank my wife for being so good to me. My first quarter as a med-student is over and I could have never accomplished it if it wasn't for Carly. She did everything in her power to make my life easier and for that I will be eternally grateful to her. Just wanted to say thank you and that I appreciate all that you do for me. Love you

Friday, November 7, 2008


many of you have asked about my job... what is it that i'm actually doing?? jo laughs because i've told her i bag lettuce in an ice box. so in a nutshell this is where i work and what i do. (i'm not web savy yet...thats amandas job she's gonna help me during thanksgiving otherwise i would have put a cut picture or something up)

its called chef-to-chef, its basically your local farmers market on wheels. Each week we head to downtown phoenix and pick up local fresh chemical free produce and then deliever it to certain locations around the valley. It is really an awesome idea, extremely healthy, and a fun atmosphere to work in. We have an awesome website check it out! Most of my job consists of standing in a fridgerated truck prepping the produce and getting it bagged up for the costumers. I really enjoy my job and spencer is a really good sport because i have to be at work by 615am so that means he has to be ready and dropped off at school real early the secruity guards think he actually sleeps there:) no really they do...when i drop him off the parking lot is empty, the lights are all off, yet you'll find spence studyin' away each early morn. what a trooper.

so today while driving back from downtown in the truck i thought about all the amazing people i work with and figured i'd blog a bit about everyone...when i got to thinking i couldn't believe all the amazing women i'm surrounded by...these are there back grounds:
NASA engineer/rocket scientist/astronaut currently working as a personal trainer! (oh ya her husband is a cardiologist) then we have a masters in public health who has been to over 6 countries promoting health, worked for the peace corps. for over 2yrs, and is taking a break to become a mom (oh ya her husband is an ER doctor) then we have the owner who is the nicest, sweetest, extremely faithful, funniest, wildest women ever!! (she reminds me of lisa chrisman which is super fun its always nice to have a mom away from home.) then we have a socialogist, who is putting her husband through podiatry school, also a police/firefighter in training, and then me! it is awesome!

Some days i find myself just grateful to have met them all because they are really great people. so take a gander at chef-to-chef and eat fresh fruits and vegetables!!

and don't worry i'm still job hunting for another job that will make me millions of dollars and fast!:)

Thursday, November 6, 2008


Its official i bought spence and I a ticket to see twilight on opening day 1st show NOVEMBER 21 AT 10AM! we are both so jazzed!!! yes absolutely jazzed especially since this is the first movie we have been to since we say indiana jones this summer with my sweet grandpa way back in June. spence is a good sport and knows the whole sagga because every day i would tell him what stupid thing bella did, or that when we go camping i'm secretly scared that James is in the bushes and going to attack. So a word to the wise you better get your tickets now at CAN'T WAIT!!

Monday, November 3, 2008


NACHOOO! ever since spencer watched nacho libre he has perfected the voice of nacho to the point that people literally think he speaks spanish. so this year as we were trying to pull together costumes we called momma mort to send us patty's costume of nacho libre. luckily the costume made it here in time, thanks again momma mort for sending the costume. i dressed up as sister incarnation (the nun nacho has a crush on) i used a long sheet as my skirt and a pillowcase for my head...pretty handy eh.

we went to my new bosses house for a party and had a really good time! here are some pics of some of our new friends here in AZ, they are pretty creative.

Dave and Caylyn dressed up guessed it football 1st down markers, they literally had a chain tied to their feet to mark the spot! pretty funny.

Michael and Alyssa dressed up as the professor and ginger from gilligans island..some of there friends dressed up as gillian and clan.