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Thursday, March 20, 2014

pappy visit

 pappy came to visit, and meet ms CeCe!
 pappy is known as the baby whisperer.  He has a way with babies they always sleep, eat, and poop better with him around. 
1. pappy got CeCe to sleep in the crib, until this point she would only sleep in someones arms.
2. he got her to poop without a huge crying spell
3.  he got her to sleep from 9p-2a, a long 5-6hr stretch at night. what a difference it makes for all of us to actually be getting some sleep.
4. her colicky crying spells diminished.  she had been crying non stop from 4-9pm.  somehow ms cece has become a new baby.  i'm so grateful
it might have been pappy and it might have been a prescription for reflex and this amazing probiotic my amazing dr recommended.  for anyone that has a fussy baby you need to try these drops, they are amazing.  within 2 days after starting these drops, cece became a happy, sleeping baby.
 of course the twins had a great time with their BFF pappy.
breakfast tea parties!
 fixing their bikes
 cooking breakfast
and jumping on the tramp.