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Monday, January 11, 2010

top 9 of 2009

In no particular order (except for #1):
9. Trip to Havasupai, 114 degrees, hiking 30miles with pack while pregnant(but we didn't know it), wild dingos and lots of fun in the sun!
8. SheRock tri, the only race i did in 2009:(
7. Getting hired to do my dream job at 24hr fitness
6. Finished and survived 1st year of medical school
5. Dad recovered from: meningitis, septic staph infection, endocarditis, and open heart surgery all at the same time.
4. Having our car stollen from our drive-way never to been seen again, oh little honda how we miss you:)
3. spence playing Bob Villa and completing the ultimate honey-do list- de-popcorned ceilings, added shelves in the closet, moved/removed cupboards, added recessed lighting
2. Becoming addicting to the TV series LOST
1. discovering we're having twin girls...that are a little too eager to get here:)but we will be making them wait until april whether they like it or not.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

brown christmas 2009

the whole family...minus paul, mom, and 5children.(if you can imagine) but we got
jason and norman and that's what counts!
this was our 4th christmas together but our first brown christmas!!! we almost weren't able to make it do to the contractions with the twins but the dr finally said it would be ok to go if i never ever, ever left the couch/bed. (hince me way in the back laying down)
we had a great time, i haven't been home for christmas for so long that i was dreaming of all the good food way back in september.
we kept all the brown's traditions taco's, fudge, eggnog, and lots and lots of laughter.
my favorite thing was Brown Jeopardy hosted and created by JO. it was fun to go down memory lane and laugh at so many memories.>>>>Jo you out did yourself like always.but i still think the redheads won!
every year the kids put on the navity, rotating parts. we did this when i was a kid with my dear aunt sue and it was fun to see the kids participate, this year there were several piano solos!! and only one mishap with the baby Jesus...tay bug wanted to steal her baby back:)

me and my folks! don't they both look so good, especially dad its crazy to think we almost lost him again and christmas just wouldn't be the same without him
--promise dr erickson this was the one time i stood up(and it was on the way to the bathroom)
what else did we do??
Reese took good care of me, doing my hair, painting my nails and refilling my waterbottle
Spence bought us a new camera for christmas...we aren't about gifts just about spending time with each other and with family:)
saw how much all the little kids have grown!!
had the best pedicure ever thanks jo and pam and abbie
ate my weight plus some in tacos and all sort of junk
laughed a lot with spencer:)
spence played endless hours of swords with cy guy
did an ultrasound at my old office and showed the whole family the was fun to finally have family around to see the twins kicking each other and what they look like:)
did i mention we ate a lot:)
spence was able to go to a killer spin class with the master spinner Jo,
he saw Avatar with the fam, and swam at the legacy center, he was the kids jungle gym several times, and abbie painted his toes!!
drove in the car for 12hrs during snow storm with me laying down seeing nothing out the window but white heavy snow, and occationally hearing
spence say"wow another car off the road!"
watching old home videos from 1968-to the 80's!
and of course seeing the newyorkers and all their charisma!!
last but not least, having another wonderful christmas together and celebrating the opportunity to become parents!!
i can only imagine what next christmas will bring!!

christmas cont

any good guesses on what santa brought CY??? balls and jerseys and that about it!
he couldn't be happier!!
ms Reese got some cute clothes from aunt jessi, and santa brought a ticket to phoenix!!!
now all she can talk about is coming to phoenix to help take care of car-car:)

Taylor bug got a shopping cart....we didn't see her the rest of the day she was busy
shopping with her baby.

and here are some wild reindeers:)

and of course grandma pink/black/brown cuddling with Tay and doing some christmas story reading....all the babies love grandma