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Sunday, September 30, 2012

dinner time!

 thank goodness amanda has enough space for all of us! her house is amazing and we are getting more and more boxes and things put away everyday.
 ms q will eat anything, and everything. especially if its on someone elses plate like pappy's.
the other morning she ate all her cereal and then moved over and sat with pappy and ate his hasbrowns, eggs, and veggies.  amanda asked her if she would eat anything and she said, ah huh, would you eat fried worms, ah huh, would you eat an eye ball, ah huh. she is a good eater!
 rolling down the hill. it was our first time rolling. the girls were so fast.
while at the capital building q had to go pee, so i looked over and she had pulled her pants down and squatted right there on the grass.  luckily we didn't get arrested and no one else saw.
 tony and pappy had fed some squirels...we were too loud so we just played and rolled down the hills.
pappy drawing pictures for the girls.  he is a really good artist, and now the girls want me to draw a train or a plane like pappy.  he is a hard man to follow i tell ya. 


there is this great kids museum called Edventure. they have a 2 story kid named Ed that you can climb in and slide down. super fun.

while there we visited the egyptian desert, played the piano and did puzzles!

the best part is this really cool store. the kids got their own shopping carts and could buy anything they wanted.  tenley had a craving for pie that day!
all the kids loved the store, some got to shop and some got to be the cashiers! really fun!

and it wouldn't be a party if there wasn't a dance your older cousins clothes!
we are having such a great time in south carolina!  trying to really enjoy our time since we probably won't be coming back for awhile.  the kids are enjoying each other, but tenley came with a bad cough and cold and now amanda's kids have strep throat so we are all a little sick but having a blast!
we sent pappy and grandma to the airport on wednesday, and since then tenley keep asking for them.
she says, they are at work and will be home soon.  i just nod and say ah huh.
we miss dadda spence too, he has been so busy we haven't even been able to skype.

Monday, September 24, 2012

art work, and a quick visit.

 last week the girls did a little art project of finger painting.  it was super fun and they loved being able to get messy and color at the same time. 

 then we went to our community music time, and sang songs and danced with lots of friends.  the girls can never get enough singing!
 then the best thing happened since we moved to texas!
grandma and pappy came to visit!! they were only here for 12hrs as the next day we all hoped on a plane and headed to south carolina to visit my sister amanda.
 of course grandma came baring gifts.
she brought the girls new baby dolls, one with brown eyes and one with blue eyes!
the girls were so excited!!
 we danced with pappy and should him our favorite things to do in texas!
 a walk in our neighborhood, the street is perfect for pappy, rawhide!
we listen to old cowboy music and rawhide is the girls favorite song!

 we took him for a run and to our play ground. of course he was just as wild and fun as the twins were. ms t was in heaven being able to be with him again.  the twins really have a special relationship and bond with their pappy!
 and after the park it was off to the airport to visit amanda!!

Friday, September 14, 2012


@Hanna Chase @Sonja Adams @Jenna Schram @Paetra Fairchild
so i know i'm almost 32 yrs old and i shouldn't get home sick...and i don't i just get sister sick.
i saw this and instantly thought of my amazing sisters and mom, they are my best friends and i miss them   more than is humanly possible.  but i can honestly say, that no matter how far away, or for how long i'm gone, nothing will change our friendships.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

alamosa! welcome home

last weekend we drove 14hrs to alamosa CO to welcome spence's brother justin home from a mission.
i have got to be the worst camera person in the world, because i got very very few pictures.  in fact none of spence and his family, his brother or half the fun stuff the kids did.  
we did try to take family photos and the twins wanted nothing to do with holding still or being told where to sit.(i realized later that it was probably because they were starving, oops) but i am hoping that one of the family pictures turned out... 
 besides the family pic fiasco the weekend was great.  the girls had a wonderful time playing in grandpa todd and grandma debbies huge back yard.  the weather was a refreshing 85 and sunny.  there are now 6 mortensen grand babies, and the kids play really well together.
 grandpa todd wrestled with the kids for hours...honestly i don't know who is the real kid, them or him.

 ty and ash blessed their new baby cache as well.  it was nice to be able to be there for cashe's special day too.  the men look pretty good as well.  Justin is no longer the little 14yr boy i remember first meeting.  his is tall and so handsome! the girls kept running up to him thinking he was spence.
 and our last day there, tenley finally realized there was a little baby, this is kristy and bretts boy miles.
tenley wanted to hold him and kept asking to hold baby miles.  it was really cute until he got a little fussy and needed to be burped she didn't want to let him go, and signed and said, 'stop crying'. 
she has heard me use those words before.
 Q got in on the action, but it was ms tenley who really loved the baby.
on the way home in the car and the following day she kept holding everything like a baby, even pizza, and saying, "sshh baby miles, ssshh"
 i guess she is ready to be a big sister some day.
 the trip was great. even the long 14hr drive wasn't too bad.  we borrowed a dvd player and the girls watched up and bambi about 5times each.
the funniest part of the trip was that we all shared one room.  the girls haven't shared a room since they were about 9months old because they would wake each other up.
so at bedtime i would lay them in their separate pack n plays and say good night and lay down with them. the girls would then start singing to each other, happy birthday justin, the alphabet, counting. it took about 45min each night for them to finally fall asleep but it was so 
cute to hear them talking to each other.
and each morning the first thing they would do is ask for sister, of course waking everyone up, but it was only one weekend and it was so cute. 
we had a great time with spence's family, we are really hoping that they can come visit for thanksgiving.  and really hoping that justin enjoy's his time being home.
we missed him a lot while he was gone.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

a fair, a carnival, a rain dance

ok even though Q looks like she is choking herself out of boredom we did have a great time the central texas state fair.  i'm a sucker for state fairs, even when spence and i were dating i made him go to the utah state fair...he is scared of carni's but he is a good sport and goes anyways.
watching the goat show.  
we were also able to see the Angus cows being judged.  they were huge cows. as we were watching the winner being walked back to his stable the owner came right up to us and let us pet the big black cow.  tenley was so scared, the cow was literally at my eye level.  then the cow mooed! and poor ms t started to cry.  but it was really fun to get up close to all the animals.
the fair wasn't that grand but of course we couldn't miss up an opportunity to go to our first texas state fair.  next time we will make sure we wear our cowboy boots, hats, and buckles too!

the girls are still too small to do a lot of the rides that were at the state fair carnival, but they saw the carousal and had to go. (pappy use to take them on a carousal in the provo mall so and they really wanted to do it so we did even though it cost $3 a person!!) and because i'm the best mom in history we bought some cotton candy for the ride home!...more for me than them, but i do tend to share.:)

later that night there was a huge rain storm, so we rain outside and danced in the rain!
there is nothing better than dancing in the rain on a hot sweltering summer day. 

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

labor day

 for labor day we were lucky enough to have spence home all day!! we were super excited that he wasn't on call and that he didn't have to go into work not even a little bit!  we decided to make sure we did everything we possible could all day.  starting with a letter from PAPPY! the girls look forward to checking the mail box and love seeing what he has to say.  this time he drew us a rainbow so we can keep practicing our colors! oh how we miss our PAPPY!

 and of course a dance party! these girls can really throw down a good dance, and if you wondered where they got most of their moves....he is the proof!

 a little exercise and of course spinning and being thrown around by papa!
 then we took spence to our favorite park, and tried to not over heat as it is still 101 during the day!

 we also went to the splash pad one last time, things will be shutting down after labor day.
 i love this pic, its like Q is running through and breaking the in track!

we have so much fun together...put there is always plenty of pushing going on! 
we had a great labor day...everyday is better when we get to spend it with spence!
and my favorite nephew turned 14! i can't believe he is that old! he was the first grand baby on the brown side and now look at him!  happy birthday prestino!